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January 2019

If you died right now, what's something on your phone that people will judge you for?

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Facial Mask

Hello ladies!Give me some facial mask recommendation please. :)#dayrebrides#dayrebeauty#dayremummies#dayreshopping#dayrepregnancy

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Kdrama: Sky Castle

Just started watching this but I'm only at the 5th episode so it is still too early for me to give my rating now. The plot is relatable if you're still studying now or is under the pressure of getting good grades. Just like how parents always wanting the best for their kids and how they secure the limited slot for their kids in some prestige school. & not forgetting the comparison of school results among the parents etc

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KDrama Review (Nov - Jan)

#dayreans here are a list of my drama reviews#viu#drama#dramas#kdrama#koreandrama#netflix

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