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Online dating is a challenge.

August 2019

I'm now hooked on Lucifer on Netflix. His confidence reminds me so much of X - someone who amuses me and keep me on my toes.I'd love to meet someone like that.

It turned out that he decided he wants to give it a try with another lady whom he met online.Which probably explains why he's been relatively quiet last week.I'm surprised that that I'm disappointed when I received his text as I didn't think I've invested much in this.

A tiny part of me is wondering.. Have I been friendzoned?? There hasn't been any progress and I'm wondering how this will work out. Not that I want to jump his bones but it'd be nice to know where I stand since we both are on the same page. Fuck I hate this insecurity.

Wednesday - We had lunch and I managed to pay this time round. It was a nice meeting mid-week.Although I am beginning to wonder if it's friendship he's after.On a separate note, I went to the hairdresser and did a perm. I look more... my age now. Not sure if I like it...

July 2019

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Sunday brunch before I met my girlfriend for dinner. Got him to share my bubble tea (he's still not a fan) before we our separate ways.We've only been going out for a month but my friends are puzzled by the lack of progression. Let's see how it goes since it's only been a month.

The table was so narrow that our heads almost touched each other when we leaned forward to drink our soup.. lol.

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