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Ascend launch party // Home-concept Yoga with Shahirah

I was in one of my favourite culottes in Olive colour, no less, to a special event today!

It's been a long while since I dolled up. πŸ™Š I still remembered how to put on blusher and "contoured" my face. Having a zit of situation on my forehead, most probably due to TOTM. 😩

Top: Dorothy Perkins
Pants: The Tinsel Rack #ttr
Accessories: Lily + Bling

Headed to the launch of Ascend label by The Tinsel Rack this morning and it was so crowded!! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Oooh cakes! My first trying the butter cakes from Old Seng Choong and they were moist, fragrant and so nice! Gonna order a loaf from them soon. The matcha one looks damn sedap. 🀀

Being the kind (yet evil) friend that I am... I jio-ed a special girlfriend, Shah along for this event as my plus one.

Tried the Bondi flowy pants in dove grey and forest green.

Got the forest green in the end cos quite a unique colour eh!

Wearing size M for this pants.

We were teased to a new collection under Ascend label and this skirt is ❀️❀️.

But as you can see... I can barely breathe in this M size, so I'm gonna get this in L size when it's launched! This skirt, together with some other items are not available for sale yet!

Last piece that I tried was this dress with pastel prints! So nice la but I'm still on the fence on this because... Dresses can't really mix and match so the mileage quite low leh.

But I think this is perfect to wear to weddings.

Really happy for these #girlbosses for launching this workwear label! @joycesayshello @jongsy

Thank you for the lovely invite leh!

And so happy to finally meeting @jazreeltan in person. πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»

Thankful for a special friend whom I can talk to about anything under the sun, and who is starting a special something of her own!!

We shopped like no tomorrow. πŸ™Š

Someone succumbed to buying the Huron juicer!! 😁😁😁

So glad that Shah liked the clothes from #TTR too and bought 2 Bondi pants in diff colours. Heh.

Yoga with Shahirah Rahim

My dearest Friend, Shahirah (fondly referred to as Sha by me most of the time) started her own yoga practice, boutique style. The classes are for ladies only, perfect for those who don the hijabs!

Classes are kept small, only a maximum of 4 per class. So every lady will have her fullest attention in each yoga class!

She just released her July schedule and she will be teaching 3 days a week - Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

She transformed one of her bedrooms in her BTO into a yoga studio and its PERFECT for yoga in the mornings cos of the daylight streaming through the windows.


Email her at for more details and to reserve your slot!

UPDATE: Tue and Thur slots are full!!

Do follow her at @Shahirah.rahim on IG for updates on her upcoming classes. πŸ€—πŸ€—

My lonely lunch today.

Hello Maki-San. It's been a while. πŸ™†πŸ»πŸ™†πŸ»β€οΈ

My roasted pumpkins were hard and I was deciding whether to return them. Finally plucked up my courage to tell them about it and they were so kind to offer me an exchange of the pumpkin with another topping! I was given the choice of adding on to my current bowl or be given a new bowl instead. I added broccoli to my current bowl instead. πŸ™Š

Getting my nails Raya-ready!

Opted for a mauve pink nails to match my Raya outfits this year!

One of the struggles I had after being a Muslim is not being able to paint my nails as often as before.

For those who are curious as to why, when we do our prayers, we have perform a cleansing ritual before that - called "wudhu".

We've to wash every surface of our hands, arms, face and feet. This includes our nails as well. So if there's nail polish, water can't reach our nails.

There's a few nail polishes in the market that are water-permeable. Inglot is one of them. I own a few colours myself.

Hence, I usually go for mani only when I'm having my period, because when we have period we can't pray.

Tai Cheong Bakery

Chanced upon this Bakery and saw a small queue and decided to join πŸ™Š. We saw some influencers post about this before and these egg tarts looked damn delish leh!

We were watching them work the egg tarts and concluded this is such a laborious task! Each tart has to be taken out from the mould that they were baked in and into an aluminium mould for us customers. Ok la, $7.20 for 4 tarts is worth it.


Sorry a bit slow to this highly-raved pastry but homg these are so good??? The base is the crusty kind that's a bit crumbly with a biscuit--like kind of buttery flavour. And the egg custard is sooooooo smooth! Wow. Party in ma mouth. Now I get the queue. 😌😌😌

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Saturday, 24 Jun 2017

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jongsy (avatar)

jongsy You look good in the pieces Sandy! ☺️ nice seeing you today!

2 years ago

sandydandy (avatar)

sandydandy @jongsy very nice seeing you today too! 😁

2 years ago

nightskies (avatar)

nightskies blush skirt that's not avail online yet is pretty! thanks for sharing the visuals :)

2 years ago

sandydandy (avatar)

sandydandy @Treiciasyn it is!! The black one also quite fab. Can't wait for the launch!

2 years ago

idiosyncrasies (avatar)

idiosyncrasies Selamat Hari Raya sandy!!

2 years ago

four_ (avatar)

four_ Happy Eid al-Fitr, Sandy jiejie and @fitrikhamis

2 years ago

triciatanx (avatar)

triciatanx Hi sandy! where did you do your nails? πŸ˜™

2 years ago

sandydandy (avatar)

sandydandy @triciatanx I did them at this nail shop at Scape!

2 years ago

sandydandy (avatar)

sandydandy @idiosyncrasies thank you!!

@four_ haha thank you!

2 years ago

triciatanx (avatar)

triciatanx is this express or gel? :)

2 years ago

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