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je suis prest

April 2019

like a kidney stone, this too shall pass

It's been a busy weekend (: But I'm happy to go for service. There's something about the spirit of exaltation that just expands and lifts your entire mood and disposition.Looking forward to the slew of public holidays happening in the next couple of weeks, there's so many miscellaneous tasks I need to catch up on haha including booking a day tour and activities for my UK trip! I can't wait to wake up in the mountains.

The child and husband envy has started :) But I remind myself that I'm doing this all for a dream, an irrational, inexplicable, almost irrational dream, but I must try. This is the longest I've gone without seeing anyone, not even casually. 5 months - not a terribly large figure, but that it exactly why it helps me put into perspective how truly little time I've spent alone, being comfortable with myself.Now it's more a matter of overcoming the ennui and staying singularly focused.

March 2019

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I'm glad it doesn't hurt so much anymore.I hope I find time for myself, for my health and for my self improvement. For religion, for exercise, for friends, for things that really matter. I pray for truth, honesty, and a open flow of communication. I pray to be given an opportunity to be taken closer to my dreams as I trudge towards it.

I like how all my colleagues presume I'm going out on dates like wooo thanks for the vote of confidence bro, appreciate it haha

NEW HEIGHTS OF LUXURY TODAYi bought a 14.90 uniqlo tank top today for home use cause it was so fucking comfortable it feels like I'm sleeping naked.

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