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Trust. Help me trust You in this storm of uncertainty and the unknown. Peace even in not knowing if the place I plan to head next is aligned to Your will. To rely on You and wait for the Holy Spirit's prompting. Help me to be discerning and wise. Grant me wisdom and strength. Courage and hope. God you are the Almighty. Even the stars in the sky will hang there if You tell them too. You are in control. Let not the devil's lies that i'm worthless get to me. Help me to love and obey You. Forgive.

Tied together with a smile but you're coming undone.

God help me to trust You even when i dont see you. Somehow im reminded of Peter walking on water. How he struggled to trust Jesus. Oh how faithless I am. How i base my trust on tangible things and not trust that God You are the Almighty and that Your plans are to prosper me and give me a future. As I wait on You for direction Lord, give me a heart of obedience and humility. To trust and to rely on You.

March 2019

你只是一个过客 从我的世界路过我不敢太多不舍 怕你看出我难过也许我想的太多 却不能给你什么努力把伤心变少 笑容变多就好了我只是个陪伴者 陪着你伤心难过寂寞它每天数着 你那么多的失落你想要什么你说 只要我现在有的我们之间的点点滴滴 我一直都记得

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Haha so im officially unemployed!! Haha what better way to spend time than to cook right heh. I made Kaya this afternoon and it turned out pretty well i must say! The taste of the kaya is rich and sweet with a very strong coconut taste flavoured with pandan. While i think i could have lowered the amount of sugar, i think it went really well with bread and butter :) just one thing tho, my kaya is really clumpy and thick. How do i make it smooth? Hmm should really work on my fire control the next

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