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January 2019

I see how sinful I am and that scares me. But knowing that Jesus Christ has paid the price for me and saved me from eternal damnation is comforting. Reminder to myself to not take my salvation for granted and continue sinning but rather, to repent and be more Christ like in my daily life. Lord, help me to love You and your people more. Give me a clean and pure heart to see people as You see them and show Your love to the world. Take away my tinted lens and love.

To be kind. To be faithful. To have self control and discipline. To be good and holy. To glorify God in all I do.

I find myself being excruciatingly negative and pessimistic about life and things. I think j might have gotten it from my dad cos he's such a negative soul. I hate this part of me.

Dedicating 2019 to seeking God and His goodness. To seek first His Kingdom and set aside distractions of the world to focus on Him. To become a better person, both physically, mentally and emotionally stronger. To push to get out of my comfort zone and seek adventures instead of staying in my comfort zone. 2019. To God be the Glory.

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