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Why do I love reading so much?

Inspired by @eustaciatan !

Fiction allows me to explore psyches and motivations of people who are so utterly unlike me in every way, it allows me to interrupt the monotone of daily life with interludes of fantasy and adventure.

I'm not keen on reading books about people similar to me, I want to read about things that I have never experienced, conversations with people who I will never meet.

What is it like, to be one of civilians suffering during the Cold War? What is it like, to be one of last remnants of Russian aristocracy?

That is why I read; for the author is my guide into their madly fantastic and oftentimes bleak world, and where things are always new and unexplored.

This is in part of why I enjoy darker books, such as-

Brom's The Child Thief, a Peter Pan retelling.

Now, I'm not very sure how I feel about this. But when a book lingers on the edge of your thoughts days after finishing it, and you still find yourself in the eerie atmosphere created by it.... it deserves a mention.

Christina Henry's Alice, a retelling of Alice in Wonderland

(LOLOL JUST REALISED THAT I POSTED 2 RETELLS. Destruction of innocent childhood stories amirite)

I love books which destroy any prior image or conception that you hold towards a certain idea. For example, Peter Pan's words of "to die will be an awfully big adventure" were rather chilling in hindsight, wonderfully embodied in Brom's retelling.

Another book which I love is The Girl With The Ghost Eyes. Mainly loved it due to setting and the main character, and it was about TAOIST EXORCISMS SET IN SAN FRAN which is like come on, what's not to like?! I love anything that has to do with ghost/demon parades. Oh man. Sometimes ya know, "oriental fantasy" can come off all "thousand clouds palace of the golden storks in the jade mountain beyond the skies" 🙄 this doesn't and I'm just so thankfulLLLL.

😍 it's really great because every aspect is handled well without it becoming too overt in the whole "exotic mysticism of the Far East" nonsense that's so prevalent in the industry.

The world needs more Chinese folklore fiction man....

And then there's.....

ENVY OF ANGELS!!! Just a really fun campy ride about the troubles of catering. Catering for the supernatural. It made me blink frantically at the twist, and I gave a little sigh/snort/shout in the middle of Japanese class. Yes, because I was reading during class. Sorry sensei, forgive this student of yours.

Hahahah ok ok sorry just had to get it out, too much fiction feels. I just love reading so much. So so so much. This was why I wanted to be librarian when I was ten 😂 mainly because I erroneously believed that a librarian's job was to sit there and just read and spend government money on new books LOL.

Just going through my goodreads now and ignoring the work I have to do hahahahah. I just have a lot of feels.

Oh oh oh how can I forget about this! Just reread it and it's so wonderfully gothic. Sighhh. Daphne du Maurier has awoken a thirst of gothic novels and I CAN'T STOP. Simone St James just merrily encourages this addiction of mine. I NEED MOARRRRR.

AND THEN THIS WHICH IS JUST HEARTBREAKING I cry every time. I drowned myself in 8tracks playlists and cried after reading this book. Which I did so while studying for exams in the U.K. Ahhh it's nice to see where my priorities lie. Sobbing over long dead people is obviously more important than accounting.

And then there's the entire Kate Daniels series which just features the most badass bitch that we all want to be. Just... just ignore the horrible covers. This series reignited my curiousity in ancient sumer, and the whole Tower of Babel. Love the world building and I think it says a lot when you remember the names of every. single. character, I mean, there's 10 books! YAY! More to come.


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Wednesday, 21 Dec 2016

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eustaciatan (avatar)

eustaciatan Ooooh, I love retellings, so thank you for the recommendations!! And I love your post - the paragraph on the author being your guide is ❤❤

1 year ago

samanthatya (avatar)

samanthatya @eustaciatan really glad to find someone on dayre who loves reading as well!! Hehe 🙆🏻

1 year ago

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