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Mother's Day is coming up REALLY soon, and I know lots of people are already scurrying about thinking about their ideal gift!

Well, scurry no more because I've got the perfect gift idea for all of you! ❤️

I was invited down to a facial at Carragheen which, as everyone knows, is my go-to facial place! They started off as my sponsor but I've been so happy with the services there that I almost want to boast that I was the one who discovered it instead hehe.

Okay but enough yapping.. I NEED to introduce to you this awesome facial called THE PERFECT SKIN ELIXIR FACIAL: 3 steps to help achieve glowing skin and a contoured facial structure!

1) Filorga Light Peel

The Filorga Light Peel begins with prepping the skin by balancing its PH levels before applying a layer of Mandelic acid concoction to ‘eat away’ the dead skin and reveal a clearer and more radiant complexion.

The skin is later stabilized with a neutralizing spray to bring the skin's PH back to a normal level. The light peel is especially wonderful at clearing pesky whiteheads, blackheads and bumps that remain under the skin and cause the face to feel and look bumpy!

This is known also as an "extractionless extraction" which can gently slough away imperfections that we want gone.

Most importantly, this peel is suitable for the sensitive skin too. 😍

2) Mesoporation Facial Therapy

The Mesoporation Facial Therapy is truly quite unique. It "injects" the goodness of a blend of powerful anti aging active ingredients- meant to hydrate and radiate the skin - through a machine. When I say inject, don't take me literally because of the picture of the syringe on top. The bottom part is a roller which massages the serum into the skin!

Utilizing the principles of electroporation, the skin is able to significantly improve its absorption of the anti-aging ingredients.

This technology also provides a passive exercise for the facial muscles, which results in lifting and firming effects.

This treatment was such a luxury to me. ✨ It felt like I was being massaged all over my face, especially with the roller. I think this is the point where I actually fell asleep besides taking some pictures at the start and end. The middle part was K.O. zone haha!

3) INDIBA Deep Beauty Treatment

Just working on the facial muscles (via Mesoporation) is not enough to see a significant contouring effect. Therefore, the session is finished off with the INDIBA Deep Beauty Treatment, widely popularized as a facelift, which requires neither surgery nor needles.

What differentiates this treatment from the other lifting procedures in the market is that it not only works on the superficial skin, but it can generate heat in the deep tissues for precisely skin tightening. This helps to improve skin elasticity and water retention issues.

I know pictures say a thousand words, but the only words I had in mind when I looked back at this photo was OH. MY. GOODNESS.

I seriously couldn't believed my eyes!!! My left side was SO much more lifted and check out HOW MY LAUGH LINE HAD DISAPPEARED! My left eye was also "higher" along with my eyebrow.

TRUE TO FORM, IT WORKED LIKE A SURGERY-LESS NEEDLE-LESS FACELIFT! Totally unexpected. I had heard people raving about this machine, but never in my life did I think this would be the actual result. BLOWN. AWAY.

❤️ Final Results ❤️

And here is the FINAL before/after photo! I have to say personally that I thought the results were super insane? First, my skin felt so so smooth, I was GLOWING and the sagging had been reduced by at least 30%! Look at that V shape contour! Super shocking. PLUS MY LAUGH LINES AT THE SIDES WERE GONE!!!

I remember staring into the mirror for awhile going, "Wow Sam, this is what your face was probably like at 24." LOL! But it's definitely true. This is one facial that will blow you and your mummy dearest away.

P/S: Enjoy the close up view hahaha!

Here is the promotion for Mother's Day!

First-timers get to enjoy the price of $258 (U.P. $488), enjoying a discount of $230!!! Imagine, if you go together with your mum, that's about the price of the facial at regular price. I must say that's super worth it.

If you want to book your appointment, please don't hesitate. Simply contact Carragheen at:

Telephone: 6222 3376

Have a lovely Mother's Day all! xx

Filing this under #samjoyfaves #dayrebeauty and #dayrebrides (for those who want to look good for their big day!)

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Sunday, 1 May 2016

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olliechinny (avatar)

olliechinny Hello! I wanted to clarify, $258 is the cost for two person, myself and mom?

2 years ago

samanthajoy (avatar)

samanthajoy Nope for one person! Just saying that if 2 people went then (258x2) it would be the original price for one person 😊 @olliechinny

2 years ago

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