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Yesterday was a good pampering day. My skin has been super dry like... Desert dry (urgh what's new) on and off and normally towards my period it gets super oily and then as its finishing it turns into the Sahara. So yeah just nice it was like the Sahara yesterday.

Most times I find good facial places that solve the immediate problem but because I either have work or no money to upkeep the package... Most of my "good skin" falls apart after.

Luckily for me, Carragheen is now is my new facial sponsor for a YEAR like hello. Talk about the Secret. I totally needed this. I've constantly seen their facial promotions and it's all looked great but I've never had the time to because it's in Bugis and... Well I felt it was a little expensive back then.

Actually now it still is expensive if I think about the price. Honest. But when I look at the service I mean I'm humbled la. Like look at this facial room!!??? Speechless.

Okay but I won't write too much now because this was only my first visit. I still have more to go and then an awesome complete post.

But just to give a little hint: Carragheen heals from inside to out. They actually diagnosed my sleep, diet, and CHARACTER before deciding what treatment suited me. If you want to talk about customizing, this is it la.

Ok but too much of a teaser already. Can't let everything out of the bag. I think the real full post will be out in October/November in line with their promotion. So be excited!!!

Oh yeah and because I'm hiao I decided to try a new set of lashes that had more curl. The precious time I tried a C curl which was the 3rd most curly. Now I'm on the D curl which is the 2nd most curly. There's an L curl but that's for Monolids so I'm guessing this is as curly as it gets for me.

Look at the volume!!! Haha die. I super can't live without eyelash extensions already.

Check out the curl on my right eye. The curl is like insane haha compared to my bare left eye. So yeah. Awesome sauce.

In summary I spent my Sunday in total luxury and I'm not sorry for it because I've been sick the entire last week and deserved this Hahahaha.

Erm ok it's the 8th and my pay still isn't in? Can someone explain what the hell Im supposed to live on???? 😭😭😭

I cannot possibly eat fish soup everyday 😅 I mean I can la but I obviously don't want to. And now I'm having serious food coma here in the pantry. Zzzzzz I want to go home and sleep already!!!!!!! Save me.

Here's something extra to add to my Monday blues faces collection. URGH!!!! Oh yeah btw this is confirm no filter. HAHA because so ugly already so no point.

My thought process is extremely incoherent right now.

Day 250

Monday, 7 Sep 2015

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missrustydotnet (avatar)

missrustydotnet SO PRETTY CAN.

3 years ago

samanthajoy (avatar)

samanthajoy @missrustydotnet you see the latest photo first HAHAHA

3 years ago

missrustydotnet (avatar)

missrustydotnet Sorry but not sorry, still pretty please. Haha.

3 years ago

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