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Here it is! 😊


Can link to part one via #SamJoyEyelidsPart1

So I did get people asking when I'd be ready to post, both via comments in real life and on my dayre post, and now that my eyes seem to be fully recovered after 2 weeks I'm ready to go through my process. Just for reference's sake let me show you my old eyes again.

It's not bad per se nor did I find it HIDEOUS but I just couldn't deal with my uneven lids anymore. Plus I've always wanted bigger eyes so why not?

As you can see, this pair of eyes belongs to one of the lousier days where both would hide in and become inner eyelids hence making me look monolid again.

There were days where eyelid tape could solve this but not always. My eyelids are heavy and tend to droop downwards. Plus the constant removing of tape caused them to loosen and droop more.

Here's a better day where they're both more obvious thanks to the usage of eyelash extensions (totally addicted to the ones at #Carragheen at this point), but you can tell the lids are still pretty pathetic.

I know some people thought my lids were natural but sorry to disappoint haha. Even in those pictures above I had already done double eyelid sutures before (those that tie 3 knots onto your eyelids) but they were so tapered they disappeared. PLUS one knot broke on my left side after a few years and that whole eyelid went back to being somewhat monolid.

Total waste of cash.

So now I chose to redo mine via a new method called DST (Double Suture and Twist Technique).

I won't reveal where I did it at but I will tell you this is quite a common technique now. And it's cheap!! If you get it done in Malaysia it's $1k+. I think Taiwan does it too.

Singapore I'm not too sure.

So what is DST?

This non-incision procedure is “simple, durable, and virtually scar free.” The method uses only two sutures on each upper eyelid, with the durability explained by the areas of ties and the central twists that result in more secure and longer-lasting results. This procedure does not require the patient to go under the knife, thus it is not a surgery.

The DST method was discovered by Dr Katsuhiro Kure and Dr Akihiro Minami because the traditional suture/ stitching method couldn't last that long. The DST method is more durable and studies have proven that DST can last up to 5 years or even 10 years, while traditional one can merely last 1-2 years.

Advantages of Double Suture and Twist Technique (DST):
1. Scar-less!
2. A natural looking double eyelid
2. Does not require going under the knife & removal of skin, it is more safe!
3. Potentially reversible (If you change your mind in the future)
5. Fast recovery (average 4-7 days)
6. Takes only 40 minutes

For the above info I took it from (she wrote about this too so you can read more there! 😊)

Okok I know you all are more concerned with what I look like rather than just text.. So without further ado... I'll start with what I looked like right after.

Tada!!! Right after. Just looks swollen! Zero redness zero anything.

Super awesome. The first time I did my sutures in 2009, I looked BLOODY and also looked like a damn frog for 3 weeks. With this, I was out running errands after and just wore glasses to work the NEXT DAY. YUPP NO MC NEEDED.

Just took anti swelling anti inflammation meds and wiped my eyelids with alcohol wipes. THATS IT. simple and so SO GOOD.

This is what I look like with eyes closed on the first night. Excuse the purple lines, a purple pen was used to indicate my suture spots and where they needed to end. Really no blue black apparent. My eyelids were very swollen and puffy. That's about it.

I heard swelling would be the worst the 2nd day so I trie to sleep in an elevated position (about 45 degrees against 2 pillows) so there wouldn't be so much puffiness.

2nd night. Yupp I went to work and everyone thought I cried. HAHA.

It was just swelling no big deal. Pain wise NOTHING. Didn't even take painkillers. My stitches were tight and slightly sore and that's it?? Again I slept in an elevated position. I slept like that for 3-4 days la.

HELLO! 3rd day and I was off to bintan HAHA damn terrible. People were like why you so garang!!??

Lol I even went swimming with just sunglasses but ok. I kept my head above water and all. So quite safe. Hahaha nothing big.

Eyes always most swollen in the morning and by night pretty much ok. I don't know if I looked scary? Maybe one side because more swollen.

Like if you see this pic on the 5th day, one side is much more swollen. But Nevermind. Face still photographable. <-- lol English fail.

I was actually very worried about the unevenness but I let it go after awhile (by awhile I mean a week of irritating my friends and asking them if I look ok HAHA 😂😅).

Here's a collage of the first few days that I did that... Seems useless. Hahaha. Not a big change.

Only my friend said you will notice the puffiness going down at the side of the eyes. That's about it hahaha!!

The eyelids are deffo much deeper than my old lids la. For sho.

Here's about 1 week after. No scarring but there's a deep line. Giving it a month or 2 to fully disappear and I'll update then again.

I wore makeup on the 10th day and realized Walao my eyes really damn big now. HAHA. Ben kept saying not to stare at him directly because it felt like I was looking into his soul 😑😓 idiot. Moron. Lol.

This is just nice the 2 weeks mark and I'm very much happier now because my lids are much more natural and I am all ready for eyelash extensions again (which I've lived without for 2 painful weeks lol. First world problems).

Yupp that's it for my update for now. If there's more to say I'll type later. I'm off to work 👍🏻 bye for now!

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For brides who want to look chio, #dayrebrides #dayreweddings

Day 204

Friday, 22 Jul 2016

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iamselheng (avatar)

iamselheng omg very nice!!! 😊😊😊 on your account, the first one sounds horrible. so glad it liked this one and tt it was so painless for you!!! v nice v nice! super making me giannnn

2 years ago

hsquaredd (avatar)

hsquaredd omg so you didn't take any leave at all?? wow! I thought like after a surgery, you'll have to take leave hahaha I'm also considering to get mine done! so you did yours in msia?

2 years ago

rave99 (avatar)

rave99 Omg so nice Sam! at least ur heart is as nice as you in person!!

2 years ago

shortyminimad (avatar)

shortyminimad Waaaa.. Very very niceeee 😍😍😍😍 so tempting 😂😂😂

2 years ago

samanthajoy (avatar)

samanthajoy @shortyminimad @iamselheng go do!! Cheap and good 👍🏻👍🏻 this technique is zai!

2 years ago

samanthajoy (avatar)

samanthajoy @hsquaredd nope! It wasn't exactly a surgery in a way to me la I feel. Went in, stitched for 30 min and left. Shorter than even an eyebrow embroidery!! Haha. Downtime as you can see was near nothing. You should really research on a good place to do 👍🏻

2 years ago

hsquaredd (avatar)

hsquaredd ahhh I've been researching now. deciding between Malaysia or sg. price wised, it's a huge diff!

2 years ago

chrislovee (avatar)

chrislovee Omg so nice Sam!! Suits you so well!!

2 years ago

shenlin (avatar)

shenlin You're already beautiful and now u look even prettier :)

2 years ago

samanthajoy (avatar)

samanthajoy @hsquaredd yes Singapore always a huge diff even though not necessarily results better. I paid $1k+ for my first surgery in 2009 and in the end was so useless.

2 years ago

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