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Since today is Day 2: 9 things about myself.

1) I'm an introvert. So yeah. I think everyone knows this. Won't elaborate.

2) I used to hate children with a passion and always said I never want one. Until baby girl was born and now I suddenly want to save all children in the world. So yeah. Never say never.

3) My favorite color is pink but in reality I look much better in dark colors.

4) I cannot cook to save my life. I once threw water on a stove in Home Econs because I didn't know how to turn it off. Bimbo moment max.

5) I'm super addicted to UBER!? Why did this damn app even come about. I will never take taxis again. (Unless no choice la)

6) I have very low tolerance for BS. So if I walk away from you it means I have zero interest in being your friend. You'll know I'm shy only when I'm lingering around and smiling but saying nothing lol. Otherwise, refer to former.

7) I dislike the ephemeral. Which is why I don't like to pay a lot for food. Because I'm just gonna shit it out.

8) I micromanage and I am a total control freak (to myself and Ben). But when it comes to holidays I hate planning. Totally hate planning. Don't know why lol.

9) I literally dare to eat anything. As long as I don't see the face la. Like don't feed me ox balls with the ox head looking at me kind. Otherwise yeah I'm up for anything. Not saying I'll like it ah, just saying I'll try everything once.

Yeah so that's about it. Not very interesting right lol. Oh well.

Fixed my eyelash extensions today! Reminder to self: stop being so chorlor.

When your boyfriend doesn't leave you alone even after you've said, "STOP WITH THE PHOTOS!!!!"

he's very trigger happy with his camera lately. Hahaha

Day 256

Sunday, 13 Sep 2015

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missrustydotnet (avatar)

missrustydotnet But those are the best kind of photos!

3 years ago

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