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Many of you don’t know this.. but my double eyelids were stitched a long time ago.

By long, I mean like… 6-7 years ago. However, as with all double eyelids that are stitched, there is a possibility of thread loosening/breaking. I don’t know which happened, but one did and I am back to a single eyelid on my… left eye. Which means I’ve to stick a double eyelid sticker there almost every day and also depend on eyelash extensions to “push” up the lid so it stays in place.

My eyelid stitch actually “broke” last year in December (lol yeah the picture looks gross, but can you see that one side is much smaller?)… so when I found out in January 2015 that eyelash extensions could save my situation, I thought.. why not!? And since then.. I’ve been hooked! :D

As a blogger and customer, I’ve had the privilege to try out a few places. Some I really liked (which I would have reviewed on my blog) and some I really did NOT.. hence never reviewed lol.

That one place that was a little horrific… actually had no system on place for eyelash extensions haha! I literally went in, laid down, had them PLUCK out my existing extensions and then glue back new ones on. In-and-out. 99% of the time the process hurt… but since it was located so close to my house and I was okay with the results... I still went.. lol!

In Carragheen.

Thank goodness though, for Carragheen who is willing to be my new sponsor! Woohoo! I’ve heard pretty amazing things, especially when I read Xiaxue’s post way way back (and I think she’s got a new one again)!

Most of you don’t know this but Carragheen first started as a SkinCare Boutique back in 1999 by Cherlyn Ng – the prettiest woman boss ever!? – as a one-stop beauty haven designed for women who faced constantly changing lifestyle demands.

Till today, Cherlyn trains her team of beauty specialists under very strict standards both for facials and eyelash extensions.

The interior of Carragheen.

I knew it was going to be a great experience the moment I stepped into the place.. because it was so professionally made up and just radiated coziness. My favorite was the makeup area because it was so prettily decorated and the amount of natural light that was shining in made it perfect for touch ups after the eyelash extension :)

So as to deliver the best quality of eyelashes, Cherlyn has debuted CarraTouch, which has been refined from the finest techniques in Japan (which we all know as a land of beauty!). But with beauty must come quality, and that is why Carragheen ensures that our natural lashes are kept healthy by using the most premium quality products from their in-house brand, LashMagic™, which was developed by their very own team of experts under careful selection and stringent quality control in Japan & Korea.

With their amazing quality of eyelash glue, eyelash extensions go on easily with very very minimal stinging sensation. And this glue, in particular, has to be applied onto a crystal plate so that the heat is regulated and does not harden before it’s applied to the lashes. Gosh, just look at that thought process!! Even the eyelashes are self-manufactured so they create the most natural and lightweight effect.

I especially loved the way my previous eyelashes were removed, because I’ve been so used to the usual combing-out or plucking-out of previous lashes.. that when Cherlyn told me my glue could be dissolved with a removing gel/cream.. I was really doubtful lol. Part of me was like.. sure.. you’ll put the gel.. but my lashes will still need to be somewhat pulled out right?

WRONG haha! I totally fell asleep actually. The whole process felt like she simply rubbed the removing gel super gently against my lashes and literally SWEPT THEM OFF! I was totally amazed and ready to eat my previous thoughts.

Cherlyn then proceeded to do an Eye Detox Kua Sha for me before placing on the eyelashes. The eye guasha was totally welcome, if I say so myself. She used the gentlest yet most comfortable pressure under and around my eyes and just.. massaged away my worries. I know you all must probably think I’m exaggerating by this point.. but I kid you not. If you’re someone who faces the computer the whole day like I do.. you’ll get why this was so heavenly.

My eye area not only felt great but looked brighter and bouncier too :) – psst: just check out my amazing lashes too!

For those of of you who are interested in the Eye Detox Kua Sha too, here’s an awesome promotion for what I did. I did a combination of the Kua Sha and 3D lashes. The original price is $233, but is NOW GOING FOR $158. Pretty awesome, because I know most eyelash extensions (even the lousy place I used to go to) range at $100 and above.. so considering you’re only paying $58 for an Eye Detox Kuasha, I would say it’s more than worth it.

Here is a collection of selfies, because I can hahaha. Cherlyn helped apply the 3D lashes on me, which basically means three 0.07mm lash extension placed on each natural lash to create a voluminous look that feels extremely light! I hate to say this again.. but I also fell asleep. I don’t know if it was due to Cherlyn’s extremely tender hands.. or me being very tired but the whole process really went by quickly though it wasn’t that fast in reality.

Cherlyn was extremely conscientious about how and where to put each lash and of which length. She actually customized along the way, seeing which portion of my eye should have used a longer lash extension. I was really astounded by the amount of thinking that went into creating the perfect set on my eyes. But it all paid off, because I’m super happy with what I have (clearly haha)!

I received the Eyelash Essentials set to use at home.. which I must admit really did overwhelm me at first. Haha! When I heard everything I needed to do I was like… WHA..AAA..AAT? hahahah! I’m a very lazy person by nature.
BUT! As it was explained further and I myself started to kickstart myself on my proper-eyelash-protection program, I found it pretty easy to adapt to.

Since I can’t see the real effects of the eyelash serum and long lasting coat yet (it normally takes a month to show results), I’ll speak more on the Makeup remover Pads and Cleansing Lotion + Micro Swab.

First off.. can’t even believe these products were made.. who would’ve thought of making SPONGY makeup remover pads!? SPONGY!!! Like a sponge!!! Disposable ones!! Yeah you can see I’m pretty blown away! The sponges are small, glide through eyelashes easily without catching on them like cotton pads would, and removes makeup both for face and eyes easily. You can even rinse it out and use the sponge alone with your preferred cleanser!? Genius!

And the micro swab is just… what!? Who would’ve thought of that!? Only a genius like Cherlyn.. seriously. A micro swab to gently clean the eyelashes with the Cleansing Lotion is a mak-sai sufferer’s dream come true. It effectively removes remaining dirt and makeup so that the eyelash serum/lash coat can go on after.

If you’d like further protection for your eyes, try their home care kit with the Ice-for-Eyes Mask and Optim-Eyes Contour Cream :) They’re having a sale now too.


WOW That was a long post I hope you guys didn’t fall asleep hehe. As usual, with any questions or comments please leave them below :D


Day 244

Tuesday, 1 Sep 2015

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chrislovee (avatar)

chrislovee Wah so awesome i love!!!!

3 years ago

missrustydotnet (avatar)

missrustydotnet Your fluttery eyelashes are chio de lo! And Carragheen's interior looks so clean and chic!

3 years ago

samanthajoy (avatar)

samanthajoy @chrislovee yea very chio ☺️

3 years ago

samanthajoy (avatar)

samanthajoy @missrustydotnet hello biggest fan 💓

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camerafilmroll Hello lashes!!

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