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Comfort food late at night. Asam Laksa is one of my favourite flavours.

Shopping 🛍 today even though there’s really nothing that we need to buy. But we end up buying stuff anyway.

Vinci now has a kids shoe line. These are going for RM59 each.

The Charlotte Olympia inspired ones caught my eye and hmm maybe the kids need some cute shoes.

Go Noodles for lunch. Very CNY no?

This is the shop.

Sliced pork belly soup always yummy.

But this bursting pork ball takes the cake. Within the porkball is minced pork bathed in sesame oil, and broth. Very nice.

Just realised the shop’s Ang pow packets form a bigger picture but OMG need to collect every week like a Happy Meal toy. Too much effort.

Why so cheap? The quality is good too! Issit because it’s not year of the tiger?

I still don’t have enough CNY clothes and was contemplating just anything. The whole of H&M was awash with red. I tried this one. I came out of the dressing room to pick up something from the hubby for the kids to try while wearing this dress and there was another girl wearing this dress in front of me. Ok put back.

Rather chaotic dressing room situation. I don’t like my kids to twin but somehow they like the same clothes and accessories. So I bo pien.

#cnyshopping #dayreshopping

I saw a tweed line in Padini and thought it would be nice to share. Slightly too rainbow but very reminiscent of one of the Cruise lines from seasons past.

Multicoloured tweed.

With a slightly schizophrenic trim.

There was also a top.

This was from yesterday at Vincci. The rust one I’ve been looking for my size but all the outlets don’t have it?

The blue one was on sale for something cheap like RM39 but it wasn’t comfortable.

All the shoes.

Chanel inspired.

Children line.

Gucci inspired I suppose.

I now have to buy things in pairs. The hairband was more expensive than the tiger sweater 😅

Bought it because the kids love and gives the illusion that they have dangling earrings on.

I tried this sample to pick me up while I was feeling sad and down in the dumps on Thursday.

I used the shower gel and it felt like I was bathing in perfume. Really strong scent yet it did manage to uplift me somewhat. I don’t think this is an everyday body gel though.

Day 26

Saturday, 26 Jan 2019

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geriyin (avatar)

geriyin Maggie mee asam laksa? omg me too!!!

2 months ago

uniecel (avatar)

uniecel 😻maggie mee!

2 months ago

d3wdrop5 (avatar)

d3wdrop5 My all time fav!! Hahah

2 months ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar @geriyin Omg really? I figured it’s not a popular flavour cos my ex asked me why there’s a herbal flavour in this. Obviously we didn’t work out haha. But yes I only like the Maggie asam laksa. It tastes like air asam jawa with a bit of curry.

2 months ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar @uniecel Hahahaha but u cannot eat now right?

2 months ago

saltvinegar (avatar)

saltvinegar @d3wdrop5 You like asam laksa Maggie too?? Oooh so it’s a popular flavour after all.

2 months ago

christycc (avatar)

christycc I love that pork ball noodles soup!

2 months ago

Cinet (avatar)

Cinet The red buttoned shirt dress cantik le! Can wear to work!!! But cons is have to iron hahaahaha

2 months ago

d3wdrop5 (avatar)

d3wdrop5 @saltvinegar all spicy maggie is my fav hahahha

2 months ago

sherylicious (avatar)

sherylicious I just went H&M but came out empty handed and the red tiger sweater is too cheap RM20, I didn’t see how much in Sg

2 months ago

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