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June 2019

Never been so unprepared for an overseas trip.Put myself on call today (flying off at night post call) because I’ll be away for a week and wanted to fulfill my calls for the month. My luggage is at home filled with random articles of clothing that I was too lazy to pick for my trip. Oops. Def gonna leave out smth....

May 2019

Changed my phone plan to a 20GB data one and it feels good knowing I’ll never cross the limit and I can use freely with no reservations hohohoThis month was the start of eating out of hospital for lunch!!! Omggg we had coffee after that. And I’m having many weekends off. And also going to OT so much more often now 🥰 thankful for the extra manpower whoohoo

Are u serious u have to call my reg for something totally non urgent when you can’t find me once. Over something that you can afford to wait 3hrs before calling me just to inform me so that u can document but then when U want me to do smth abt it you want it done stat. assholes!!!!

Zzz walauFeel like an angsty PMS shit today need my period to come stat

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Inspiration for my next project 🥰Sigh even at 26 I still wish i weren’t the only child 😪

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