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May 2019

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I think my stress is causing my acne to flare 😩 Noticed a whole cluster on my left jawline ugh so unsightly!!! Just ate 2 chocolate bars bc was hungry after clinic lol fatdieme. I wanted to go on a run this eve but weather doesn’t look great? Want to trial the 5k route before Sat!

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Made tomato egg and having it with some coconut rice!!! Super yummy hehe.

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Woke up extremely early today at 0630, so hit the gym at 0715!! Got so much done this morning that I feel productive even though I didn’t start revision till 3pm. Managed to clean my toilet, do my laundry, pack my storeroom a little too!

Watched your IG story today and I miss your friendship. Very much. Felt sad for awhile but then remembered why we drifted - I got sick of being the one always putting in effort to meet/talk. I’m pretty sure I mentioned it to you before as well, but nothing changed, so slowly but surely I gave up.

April 2019

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