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May 2019

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Hold up. Let's talk about Kylie's new skincare line, KylieSkin.I've never contributed to her big fat bank acc since the launch of her cosmetic line. I don't blame her for being entrepreneurial, and having so much capabilities launching a brand so influential-ly - amassing over 1.1m followers on her brand's IG page in over a day(?)Compared to her cosmetic line, she's getting more hate for her upcoming skincare launch just from some products reveal.

February 2019

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nyc - sf - la adventures

We did it. 18 hours of non stop long haul flight to New York and back from Los Angeles. Babes had the luxury of flying business class while I tried to make myself comfortable on premium economy. 😂

January 2019

Work has taken a toll and I'm just sad to say I've cracked under the strain, pressure and immense workload. Im pretty sure the other team members are also facing their own challenges. It's not irresponsible or selfish if i throw in the towel. For the sake of my own physical and mental health, that's the only way.5 months of anxieties and uncertainties.

In 2019, take care of your mental health. Call out from work when you feel yourself spiraling. Replace your alcohol dependence with deep breathing. When you are feeling lost, reach out to someone in your life because they would be happy to listen — and when they do not have the answers you are seeking, go to therapy. Do not allow your emotions to fester. Do not allow your baggage to topple you. Get the help you need. Stop waiting.(Via thoughtcatalog)

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