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January 2018

So I decided to remove those long gelish albeit gorgeous extensions of mine today bcos I need to be able to function like an efficient and fast worker for the next few months. Long nails have proven to be meant for taitais cos imagine doing chores w them, it’s just impossible. Cos I chose gelish as opposed to acrylic extensions, they have to be filed off instead of soaked off. This just means my nails are gna be weaker than they alrdy are.

The Greatest Showman is really an incredible movie!! Never a moment did I find it draggy, every scene was an enjoyment. And every song was great?! I really loved it when Rebecca Ferguson sang “Never Enough” oh so beautifully. It was so so moving it almost brought me to tears. (But bear in mind this girl here aka me is a cry baby. And also I realised that the actress’ voice was dubbed by Loren Allred hahaha)

After 1.5 weeks of break, my brain has officially been accustomed to lazing. It’s sooooo hard to force it to think and come out w crap that sounds professional yknow. Omg I’m literally at my desk now trying to complete some files and I have zero brain juice to do so. I don’t wna work anymore 😩 I just want to go home and sleep and forget abt the world. I like falling into deep sleep the best. No responsibilities, no emotions towards anything.

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