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Just saw a man on the escalator in front of me; while everyone was scrambling and rushing to get to their destinations, he was hobbling slowly. His clothes were old and tattered, with different coloured stitches holding small holes together. Even his bag strap was broken; he had tied it into a knot. His sandals were breaking apart, and he had to use tape to keep them from snapping.


And there I was, wondering if I should buy a $109 dress from OSN...

Feel like the lucky ones will never know how many other fellow Singaporeans are struggling just to survive. Yet, how many can you help? I felt that if I were to pass him some cash, it would be offensive because who am I to judge if he needs any. U know? Idk 😐

Been turning to quick meals from 7-11! Yummy and fuss free

Also, found a pic of when we visited S. look at his dog napping on my lap!!!

Korean ginseng chicken porridge for lunch the other day, with a usual addition of luncheon meat and eggs!

Embroidered eyebrows holding up well, but imma ask the eyebrow artist to thicken it slightly at my follow-up appt next month

Sinful weekend filled with yummy food 😀

Please fringe, grow faster!!

Probably my favourite set of nails ever, done in JB. Sadly, the nail on my index finger has since snapped into half sigh.

Took an opportunity to snap a pic at our company’s event showcase ✨

Day 111

Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

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