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Was so excited yesterday at work because not only was it Valentines’ Day, it was also me and B’s 4th anniversary! How time flies πŸ₯°

Had a busy night tho! Decided to get some food to cook for dinner at Hillion, before taking the bus back to my place to grab his mum’s bday present, and having to cab back to his place again! Didn’t mind it tho, it was fun!

Surprises of surprises hehe 🌹 B isn’t one to waste money on such stuff, especially commercialised flowers that don’t last. Tbh I always loved flowers but I sort of accepted the fact that he didn’t think they were practical. Yet, he came to meet me yesterday holding this huge box of roses!!!! HOW SWEET!!!!!

Grateful heh πŸ’

B made dinner for the both of us!

Pan-fried salmon fillet, salted asparagus and buffalo wings HAHAHA WAS SOOOO YUMS! And we had durian too 🐢πŸ₯°

Really sweet!

Personally, I enjoy such dates more compared to dining at fine restaurants. It’s so fun to spend time together doing such stuff! Also, we applied for BTO last night but aiya given the intense competition I’m not expecting anything πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’• HAPPY WEEK

Day 46

Friday, 15 Feb 2019

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GAHHHHXINN BTO which area!

4 months ago

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