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updated 2 months ago

MBS ✨💓

Staycation at MBS! Been looking forward to this the entire week 😻

Absolutely loved the view. The skyline at night was amazing!

Sunlight sun bright 🌞

Also, the room had the biggest bathtub among all our previous staycations!

Brought along my trusty ol denim jacket from hollyhoque! Was such a good buy, it matches everything hehe

Decided to head to DTF for dinner. Their 小菜 is the best!!!!!

Beef noodle soup 🥩

And X!!!L!!!!B!!!!!


Wanted to get this unicorn bath bomb but it was $13 😭 can’t justify the price for a 10 seconds fizz

Finally tried the highly raved Venhi gelato. Omg hands down the best ice cream I’ve ever tasted in Sg 💓 $10 for a scoop but I’ll pay even $20!!!!

Also, we explored the CBD (Downtown) hehe. Kinda like a ghost town on Sat but it was cool.

In fact, all the quaint little shops were so empty because nobody goes to the financial area on the weekends.

Popped by Cold Storage to get some snacks for the night!

Snapped this while we were waiting for the traffic lights 🚦

The infinity pool at night was so pretty! Could just stand there and stare at the view forever but the water was cold 🥶

Even the clouds were so nice.


B left me alone in the morning to gym 😂 ok la the view from the gym was good too!

Fav oversized shirt for sleepovers!

And again, in the morn! 🏊‍♀️

Edited away all the humans in the pool so the edge looks weird HAHAHA


Fav breakfast for staycas! Felt like a tourist hehe

Till next time MBS 👋🏻

Day 132

Sunday, 12 May 2019

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charel (avatar)

charel hello! may I know what contacts u are wearing?

2 months ago

sabinaxo (avatar)

sabinaxo Hi! It’s Imagene’s brown lens :) @charel

2 months ago

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