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random updates

Frog porridge with DTY!!! Always a good time with them because secondary-Uni memories were the best in my life!

Finally wore this set from TJM! Got it a long time ago but never really got to wearing it. Cute but the shorts are a little too loose :(

Requested for rosti during Friday’s dinner 2 weeks ago because ... always in the mood for rosti!!!! ðŸĨ” tastes so yum with cheeseeeeee

B has been buying office wear recently and BB stocks some really classic shirts which are worth it for their prices

What a doopey smile 😍

Wore overalls out and wlao damn paiseh I felt like a kid. Not sure if this style is for me HAHAHA much respect for those who can pull it off

Drinks with the BASF guys at hopheads!

Look at ZH’s bag I mean ... it looks like a book I don’t see how you can fit stuff like umbrellas in it!!! ðŸ˜ą

Also, tried the unicorn cornetto hehe it’s good!!!

Can’t wait to get my brows embroidered HEHEHEH they look so messy here

Did my mandatory 2 day store attachment at 313 and STC, enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would! Retail colleges were so nice and fun to be with

Also, did scalp treatment yesterday! My hair has always been on the thinner side so I would like to focus more on scalp and hair care hehe

omgggg saw this poster on @yangieee ‘s post and wanted to watch it so bad cos ... DARREN WANG????? He’s number 1 in my heart now ok, Ji Chang Wook has been shifted down to number 2 lolol. AND THIS MOVIE WAS REALLY GOOOOD. Caught it on sat in a relatively empty cinema and I loved it so much. B didn’t really like it cos he thought the storyline was cliche (not wrong) but I loved it. ESP all those kissing moments wtf haven’t felt like a fan girl in awhile but Darren ... 😍

Also. Braces were supposed to make my face smaller but I ... don’t ... see... any... differences... ok la it’s been only half a year ðŸĪŠ maybe it’ll take a year + to show?

Day 70

Monday, 11 Mar 2019

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sabinaxo YESSSS 😍 @yangieee

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