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updated 2 months ago

CK Warehouse Sale + Eyebrow Embroidery

What a busy week it was! First agenda was the Charles & Keith warehouse sale, which HQ colleagues had to support too! And second was my eyebrows micro-blading hehe πŸ₯✨

Second day of the WHS! Tbh I thought it would be a waste of time and utterly boring... but surprisingly I enjoyed being part of it! I guess it was quite fun working with nice people 😊

Me and V went earlier at 9am on our second day because staff were only allowed to purchase between 9-930am HAHA snagged 3 pairs of shoes for below $30 OMGGG

The crowd was crazy tho!!!! Insane!

The free meals provided were also quite yummy hehe :> no complaints

Look how cute!!! Guess I was lucky to be placed in the kids collection zone πŸ™ˆ also, my very extremely nice male IC (blocked by Annita in this pic) was gr8 to work with so I’m lucky!

Exhausted faces after a long day.


Did my eyebrows this afternoon! Travelled all the way from the west to the east just for this. Really insecure with my bare brows but owells

Quaint little place; they gave me some nice floral tea as well! β˜•οΈ

ohai numbing cream pls work your magic ✨

Itz me. B says I look like a mean and rude PRC πŸ˜… to be fair, most of the PRC customers who came during the warehouse sale were pretty nice! ❀️

DONEEEE! No pain at all, and I do think the artist did a good job. It’s a little dark now but it’ll fade by 30% over the next month! Completely had no makeup except for my curled lashes, eyelash curler does make a difference!

YAHOO done πŸ‘πŸ» #dayrebeauty #eyebrow

Also, bumped into a QTP omw 🏑

Glad that I finally tried getting my brows done. Hopefully this will be my HELLO to a new life of not having to fuss with my brows every morning!

Day 76

Sunday, 17 Mar 2019

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oovabby (avatar)

oovabby Stranger passing by... πŸ™‹πŸΏ‍♀️ Your eyebrows look fantastic! So good I am contemplating to get mine done as well πŸ˜… How much did you pay!

2 months ago

sabinaxo (avatar)

sabinaxo Thanks babe! The price ranges from $458-$698, mine was midrange :) @oovabby

2 months ago

yangieee (avatar)


2 months ago

sabinaxo (avatar)

sabinaxo AIYOOO Y SO SWEET but ehh it’s the lashes + coloured lens really a big diff @yangieee

2 months ago

Grizznburrito (avatar)

Grizznburrito VERY NICE 😍😍😍😍

2 months ago

sabinaxo (avatar)

sabinaxo YAYY THANK CHU @Grizznburrito

2 months ago

josephineee (avatar)

josephineee Hi! The microblading looks damn good on you! ☺️ was considering touch up, Do u mind sharing the contact?

2 months ago

sabinaxo (avatar)

sabinaxo The artistry lab! :) @josephineee

2 months ago

thatkqxlah (avatar)

thatkqxlah Omg i just booked appt with joei too for brows!!

2 months ago

sabinaxo (avatar)

sabinaxo She’s good!!! @thatkqxlah

2 months ago

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