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Bunny’s munchies for thoughts.

July 2019

Because to smoke people, and make them feel that they are the best and most (most) important to me, is part of my job.

Am i the only one who finds that i’ll eventually phase out blogshops purely because they don’t do free returns like asos and zalora?Ever since i started working, i really just can’t find time to post on carousell anymore (the UI also sucks now - horrible horrible image quality) aka all the clothes i bought online that can’t fit or somehow i dont like irl, are just...wasted lol.Okay time to exercise self control from now on.. no free returns think twice. Or thrice.

June 2019

Coco handle or garden party 🤔

Current feels: 😭

Got my first corporate line. A step further into adulthood.

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