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February 2019

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This morning, jf told me he will try to come back early on thurs/Friday to clean and pack the house. in my mind I was thinking, thurs is valentines’ day leh. and did he just mention that he’s gonna be cleaning the house? which means my husband has completely forgotten about v day this year. lol. So are we not gg out for a simple dinner or spending some time tgt after work?

January 2019

It really hits me to know that aloy pang passed away while serving the nation. He is so young and so talented and cute! I guess what happen next is the thousands of people blaming SAF for yet another life lost. but honestly nobody truly appreciates how hard these guys are working to serve the nation. πŸ˜ͺ Seriously, nobody wants this to happen either. 😭 I just turn to jf and told him not to die on me ever. it’s just so hard to take this news, what’s more to someone dear to you.

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damn tempted to get this from lazada!!!! 😭So cute! but I don’t even take public transport. πŸ˜ͺ

Bedtime conversation with husband

It’s very sad that when you’re old, you have to sacrifice a lot of things. For yourself, or for the people around you. You no longer can do whatever you want because everything you do suddenly comes with consequences. Everything involving you suddenly involves everyone around you. you suddenly miss being a kid because kids can make mistakes but adults cannot. the responsibilities you’re carrying on ur shoulders carry so much weight that makes you try so hard to catch your breathes sometimes.

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Slept at 6am last night after all the unpacking and suppering after we touched down and brought my baby girl home! ♥️Thank god we have a weekend to rest before starting work on Monday!! No more coming back on a red eye flight the day before a working day. It’s crazy shag! I didn’t realise it was raining when I woke up cos I was already sweating while prepping to get out of the house.Love hate relationship with this weather in sg!

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