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December 2018

I think I'm a city girl at heart. The moment the train approached the city. I realised how much I miss the skylines ..the tall buildings congesting the blue sky. The moment I got off the train, I realised I miss the busyness!All the people with somewhere or nowehre to go, either way they're not paying attention to you. I miss the smell of the city. I miss the different people, no longer am I the only non white person.

November 2018

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YooooI feel much better than yesterday. Just reflected a lot. Looking back, I don't think she's a very good person...what more friend. She's so secretive, she lies all the time, she's so selfish and never shares anything with me (or my other group mates in fact) - one time I missed class cause she lied to my face about the change of times when I asked her cause I was away when my tutor told the times, she likes having in jokes and making people feel excluded (not just to me)...

It sucks to be actively ignored...what more by people who you considere friends...I don't know what happen. Came into uni for study group. Did the study group then decided to head off to lunch. I broke off from them for a bit to get my lunch. None of them bothered to tell me where we were sitting. And then when I found them, none of them talked to me??? They answered when I asked but no one made an effort to talk to me. It really hurt my feelings. I don't know what happened.

October 2018

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I'm at Guzman rn and they're playing some Mexican music, this little kid starts dancing to the music!!! Sooo cute!!!!

September 2018

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Today is going to be a long day for me. I'm just glad that the sun is rising at the time I wake up now. It feels so much better than waking up when the world is dark. My plan for today * Follow the morning round * Do a practise long case* Prayer meeting * Attend grand round * Ethics class* Bedside tuteAccording to my calendar my day ends at 6-7pm today 😭 so I'll only get home around 7ish.At least tomorrow is a public holiday. That's my silver lining haha

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Still sick so stayed home today. Supposed to have an assessment of sorts today but thank goodness my friend was willing to swap with me yesterday.

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