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May 2019

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Ups and downs

Finished serving notice and am on a job hunt again. Time to reset my life from the hectic work schedule. Also episode 1458437 of monster in law drama happened right before our long awaited trip. It was the last straw for me and i left her house in the middle of the night and vowed never to return again. The price to pay for our me and husband’s healthy relationship is to stay apart and far away from his toxic family. That family was driving me nuts day in and out.

March 2019

months have passed and things just seem to be getting worse for me.. i dunno why...I resigned from work and am serving notice due to the increased pressure from family. I applied for bto but don’t have high hopes for it. nor am i willing to wait for years before i can move out from this monster in laws place. we don’t even have money to renovate if we buy a resale. n the husband doesn’t understand that beggars can’t be choosers n insists on buying an expensive house.

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