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I am being tested today!!!

Woke up with a 38.5 deg fever...no running water...we didn’t know about it so didn’t prepare.

J has gone to work...I can’t go out to buy water because the baby car seat is drying from being washed yesterday (MBob did a HUGE poo that leaked).

Thankfully we did sous vide steak last night, so there’s still the huge pot of clean water we used to cook our steaks in...

Just gotta get through the day!!!

At times like these I really wish I had family in the same country, or some help to get me through it!

But it’s OK.

I’m being resourceful and inventive, and giving my dogs steak-infused water to drink...I’m sure they love me more.


In other news, J has just launched his second edition of the CARPet in a limited run!

I have been helping him with this since late last year...it’s his latest project, in a completely new medium of a rug!

Some of you managed to purchase his embroidery patches a couple of years ago (thank you for your support!); just think of this as a HUGE embroidery patch, for your house or shop!

This is the size of it in our living room.

I’m really proud of him!

The latest edition rug is carved, meaning that the wool is of different heights to highlight details in the design.

One of our customers is this carp enthusiast in Switzerland, and he sent through a picture of himself carp-fishing and said he really needed this for his house. So sweet!

(And now I have a photo of a random
Swiss man holding a giant fish in my photo library...)

New Zealand hand-tufted wool!

Looking at you!

I support J however I can, even though I really don’t understand the artistic mind...I am just so happy his vision from last year has turned into a reality!

Head over to peonyandtalon.bigcartel.com to check it out! There is free international shipping :) The run is limited but if you really want it let me know!

Things I must not take for granted:
- Good health
- Clean, running water
- Electricity
- Family support
- Good public transport
- Access to food round-the-clock

I can’t wait until I’m back in Singapore...I feel like with all of the above I’m going to be invincible hahahaha.


Ugh, time for some anti-pyretics!!!

Day 105

Monday, 15 Apr 2019

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mygrowingupdays (avatar)

mygrowingupdays Invincible😂

1 month ago

Chinadolllawya (avatar)

Chinadolllawya That's a super lovely rug! And I must say you already came across as pretty invincible even before all this happened! Hang in there ❤️💪🏻

1 month ago

rieriecupcakes (avatar)

rieriecupcakes @mygrowingupdays YES, I can’t wait to be able to give her to Mum and Dad, or just any family member, really, you can take her also lol...and GO SOMEWHERE WITHOUT HER FOR ONCE! Even if it’s to nick to the shops downstairs for 10 mins 😄 IMAGINE WHAT THAT WILL BE LIKE 🥳

@Chinadolllawya Aww thanks! Yes that’s J’s hard, hard work! 😊

1 month ago

sgbudgetbabe (avatar)

sgbudgetbabe take public transport to our hood :p @mygrowingupdays

1 month ago

mygrowingupdays (avatar)

mygrowingupdays @rieriecupcakes that would be- AWESOME😂 come la, i babysit!

1 month ago

xuerielow (avatar)

xuerielow ONE MORE DAY!!!

1 month ago

laughingpills86 (avatar)

laughingpills86 @rieriecupcakes your husband is seriously talented! My sister & I are doing a sisters trip to Budapest in July, do you have any recommendations for a tattooist? 😍

4 weeks ago

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