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Milly Bob is going to be 12 weeks old this Sunday!

Sometimes it seems as if she’s been here forever, yet other times I still stare in amazement at her, wondering how she got here.

As the “fourth trimester” draws to a close, I give thanks for everything: that she is healthy; that I am tired and happy; that my body has been able to provide everything she has needed in life thus far, through no virtue of my own; that J and I have been humbled by having her in our lives.

She is now out-drinking her supply faster than I can produce it, by taking up to 190ml per feed now. I am down to my last 3 bags of frozen breastmilk!

I plan to introduce formula at the start of week 13, and then her first solids at the start of week 17.

Thank you, body, for your service! Milly will need a little bit more than just us, soon. Thank you for growing and sustaining her wonderfully! I will try to love you a little bit more, even though you are different, now.

Day 102

Friday, 12 Apr 2019

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