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April 2019

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Milly’s first flight

I’m back! Survived my solo flight with my 12-week old!!! Many stories to tell...someone collapsed on the plane again! Why does it always seem to be flights into Singapore that I am called upon hahaha. Gosh it is SO HOT.OK, goodnight!!! IT’S HOLIDAY TIME!!! Family and food abound!!!

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c. 2014The third time I visited, but J’s first.

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I am being tested today!!! Woke up with a 38.5 deg fever...no running water...we didn’t know about it so didn’t prepare.J has gone to work...I can’t go out to buy water because the baby car seat is drying from being washed yesterday (MBob did a HUGE poo that leaked).Thankfully we did sous vide steak last night, so there’s still the huge pot of clean water we used to cook our steaks in...Just gotta get through the day!!!

I went into labour on a Friday night. Milly was born on Sunday afternoon. I got my requested epidural only on Sunday morning. J and I were awake for 55 hours. We laboured at home and in the hospital, first for 10 hours at home, then 6 hours in the hospital, then 8 hours at home again, before the last 14 and a half in the hospital again. It took 38 and a half hours, incredible pain and exhaustion, and they cut me and stitched me back up, but we did it...I pushed her out and got her earth-side.

Milly Bob is going to be 12 weeks old this Sunday! Sometimes it seems as if she’s been here forever, yet other times I still stare in amazement at her, wondering how she got here. As the “fourth trimester” draws to a close, I give thanks for everything: that she is healthy; that I am tired and happy; that my body has been able to provide everything she has needed in life thus far, through no virtue of my own; that J and I have been humbled by having her in our lives.

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