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Our view from the bed this morning! A view made up of bamboos and a waterfall from the infinity pool in our villa. 😊

Now waiting for our butler to bring over our breakfast! ✌️


Of course, that is in an ideal world.

It started raining!!! And our breakfast is trapped upstairs (the villa has 2 floors but the stairs is outside -_-), and we have no way of getting up there without getting drenched in the rain FOL!

Finally we decided to brave the rain-- by bundling ourselves in beach towels/ bathrobes as raincoats wtf.

Teeny looking like a ninja!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

This was waiting for us in our hall upstairs. 😍

Eating breakfast facing our private pool-- ticking off another to-do off our bucket list! πŸ˜‚

Btw, we are staying in Amana Villas in Seminyak for those of you who are asking. 😊

Our main plan of the day was to be a potato at the beach wtf, but unfortunately though it was still drizzling, so we decided to hit the shops at Seminyak!

Before leaving for Bali, I pfft-ed at any suggestion that I need to bring extra money for shopping. I thought-- what is there to buy in Bali? Teak wood? wtf

I AM SO WRONG!! Bali, Seminyak especially, has loads to shop! It is lined with little boutiques that are just BEGGING for you to visit wtf.

On the main street of Seminyak. Lugged out the hotel's umbrella coz it was drizzling, but the sun came out soon after! ✌️

Dress with side cutouts: Korea
Corsage necklace: Diva
Slippers: Ipanema
Bag: Mulberry
Umbrella: Amana Villa wtf

And when the sun comes out, the Hoe sisters go out to play! At the beach, specifically. There was a major traffic jam in Seminyak due to some religious ceremony (Balinese people are mainly Hindus btw), so we detoured to a not-so-nice beach (Petitenget beach).

The beach was so dirty!! 😀😀Actually I am kinda disappointed with Bali beaches. Even when we were staying at W retreat, the beach wasn't that great. The sand was almost like soil? :/

Anyone has any great beaches at Bali to recommend?πŸ™

The beach was so lousy that we decided to just walk to Potato Head (which was nearby) and chill there. Managed to snag a day bed right next to the beach! #win

Teeny desperately wanted to tan, so she was like sprawled carelessly on the bed and almost did a rain-dance, I mean, sun-dance wtf, for more sun rays to hit her. I, on the other hand, slapped on 130SPF sunscreen and covered myself with a cloth wtf. I cannot get dark when I have a wedding in a few months' time!! 😱

It was so nice to just chill on the beach and not think about anything other than what should I drink next! πŸ˜‚

My mango/honey/mint smoothie with my beach cover-up. You might notice that this isn't actually my sunnies...

.... Coz I sat on mine and it broke FML.

Luckily it's just a cheapo pair. But I really love it coz it's PINK! πŸ˜ͺ

Decided to skip sunset at Potato Head to chill at our own pool in the villa. 😁

Day 14

Tuesday, 14 Jan 2014

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engming (avatar)

engming Hi.. May I know which villa is this? Is it in seminyak? Thanks! ^_^

5 years ago

tinkitalks (avatar)

tinkitalks Fancy meeting you here, @engming Lim!! LOL.

5 years ago

engming (avatar)

engming Lol @tinkitalks happy holiday!!

5 years ago

tinkitalks (avatar)

tinkitalks Haha. Happy holiday to you and new hubs, too, @engming

5 years ago

fourfeetnine (avatar)

fourfeetnine whose sunnies are those where to buy!!!

5 years ago

tinkitalks (avatar)

tinkitalks Those new sunnies are prettier!! Fate already la.

5 years ago

revelinme (avatar)

revelinme @engming it's amana villa in Seminyak! 😁

5 years ago

revelinme (avatar)

revelinme @fourfeetnine it's my sister's! Bought from BKK wan.. when we go on our trip, I bring u to the shop! 😜

5 years ago

revelinme (avatar)

revelinme @tinkitalks it's my sister's, not mine! 😭

5 years ago

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