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updated 3 years ago

Wedding band/ groomsmen fitting

Anyone want to take a guess at what happened today? 🙈

Remember my wedding band got stolen recently? 😢

Thank you, hubby, because this happened. 😭😭😭


Got quite a bit of wedding-related stuff settled today! #dayrebrides

Starting off with my favorite breakfast at Yut Kee... 😍

Had cravings for it after On Lok Yun in Bangkok (another old school breakfast place), coz I feel that Yut Kee offers so much more selections? 🙈

Hubby can never resist ordering their crispy pork belly (only available on weekends)...

Bow-back peplum top:
Pinstriped high-waisted flare skirt:
Sunnies: Bangkok
Perspex bangles: H&M
Laced-up suede heels: Jessica Simpson
Bag: Michael Kors

This top has the cutest bows at the back! 😍

Went to the men's tailor after that-- hubby got his wedding suits settled!! 😱

This is a huge achievement coz last time the hubby only decided to make a new suit ONE week before our ROM. 😒😅

Loving my new shoes very very much! One of my buys from Bangkok recently. ❤️

This is the hubby's tailor for those of you who asked. 😊

Hubby has been a regular customer, so mention that Andy Cheah recommended you and maybe Allen will give you a good discount! 🤗

Also feel very accomplished because we have settled our groomsmen outfits!! 😱

Again, this is a major achievement because 1 day ago, the hubby hasn't even officially asked all his heng dais to be, well, heng dais. 😅

Men are incredibly chilled about weddings. 😂

But I am definitely feeling the pressure now, coz I myself haven't fully settled my bridesmaid dresses. 🙈

Sneakily peeking into a restaurant. 😂


Day 79

Saturday, 19 Mar 2016

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ichigomochi (avatar)

ichigomochi Are you getting a new one? 😄

3 years ago

purinsesu (avatar)

purinsesu Yay so happy for you

3 years ago

vespa (avatar)

vespa U r one lucky girl. 🤓

3 years ago

huayleng (avatar)

huayleng Look so slim on this outfit

3 years ago

kaypohkia (avatar)

kaypohkia Hui wen, you slim down really fast 😱 How did you do it?

3 years ago

revelinme (avatar)

revelinme @ameliapml yes!! 😱

@purinsesu thanks love!!

@vespa I can't deny that 😭

@huayleng @kaypohkia haha I didn't!! Haven't started my diet 🙊 I think it is the slanted angle of my pose? 😂 Plus the structured peplum hem of my top which is quite flattering 🤗

3 years ago

LoveLaughLive (avatar)

LoveLaughLive thanks for sharing the tailor's contact !!

3 years ago

mommisaurus (avatar)

mommisaurus You look really slim in this outfit! Loving the top and the skirt 😍😍😍😍

3 years ago

Pigsyfly (avatar)

Pigsyfly is it possible to share cost of making a suit at tge tailor? thnks!

3 years ago

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