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(continued from the previous post)

Still waiting for the sunset...

Camwhoring a little to pass time!

It was worth the wait. 😊

Another one of the ombre cotton candy colors. 💗

My favorite parts of my day in one photo-- the whole W retreat experience, the magical sunset, being at a beach, and living in swimsuits!

Am going to take a dip in the pool now (hello private pool), will continue this post tomorrow! 😁


Breakfast by the beach today! I really really adore being near water, whether it's the sea, river, lake or even pond wtf. There's just something so calming about it!

Hello beautiful view in front of us. 😁 My ultimate dream in life is to stay next to the sea! ✌️✌️✌️

Don't care already, straight wore my bikini out for breakfast only. No time to waste, go go go!!

Spent the whole morning in our private pool before we checked out. Can only afford to stay in W hotel for 1 night coz it's so expensive wtf.

We are moving into another villa for the next 2 nights! 😊

Bidding goodbye to our villa. 😭 I will come back for you one day!!!

Tank: Singapore
Sandals: Zara
Bag: Mulberry

Took a stroll at the pool area before officially checking out. Love all the colorful beanbags and cushions strewn nonchalantly everywhere! 😍

Had lunch at a really really pretty restaurant/ cafe called Bistrot near our next villa. Recommended by @ladyironchef, hehe.

Even their cashier/ counter is super nice wtf! 😂

Fast forward to dinner coz after we checked in we napped haha. So no photos of our new villa yet!

We went to Jimbaran for a beachside local grilled seafood dinner, and just in time to catch the sunset too! It is such an awesome experience to be dunking grilled prawns into sambal while digging your toes into the warm sand while watching the warm dusk rays bathe the entire beach. BLISS!!

Day 13

Monday, 13 Jan 2014

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fourfeetnine (avatar)

fourfeetnine Last picture so pretty!! And where's your bikini from? *salivates

5 years ago

revelinme (avatar)

revelinme @fourfeetnine it's actually a bra from H&M! 😂😂😂

5 years ago

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