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Today's #ootd . Posting this to commemorate that my lips and my bag are in the exact same shade of color wtf.

With my favorite girls in the whole wide world! ❤️

But actually my sisters were damn mean lor! They said I am too attention-seeking coz I always try to squeeze in the middle for photos wtf, so they tried to push me out of the photo before this! 😭

Trying to force me out of the photo.

Doing everything they can so that my face is not in the photo wtf.

Went to a secluded bungalow for dinner... I love the interior so much-- colorful, whimsical and random-- all my favorite elements! 😁

Even their menus are so pretty! I am a sucker for mixed prints.

The outdoor of the bungalow. Can't get enough of the lush surroundings. The restaurant is called Issaya btw, and it serves Thai fusion food. 😊

Amuse bouche--something like a starter before the actual starters wtf.

Super big portion considering it's complimentary!!

Superb plating!! #masterchefgroupie

Baby back pork ribs. SO FRIGGIN YUMMY OMG. Melts in your mouth, and really flavorful. Possibly one of the best pork ribs I have ever had in my life.

In the homegrown garden behind the restaurant. The chef uses fully homegrown organic produce, and everything is literally plucked from the backyard!

Bangkok's traffic jams are HORRENDOUS. We joked that we will jump into the river if it gets too jammed, and voila, our dream came true wtf.

It was so jammed that literally no cabs wanted to pick us up to Asiatique! In the end we walked to the nearby pier to take a free shuttle boat to Asiatique. So we really travelled by river in the end! 😂

Late dinner/ supper at 11pm after shopping at Asiatique. Ordered come just because I couldn't resist the retro packaging wtf.

Accompanied my dad to try a sharkfin soup stall after that! I love to try street food! ✌️

Sharkfin soup in a clay pot! RM50 for the big pot which serves about 2 pax.

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Tuesday, 7 Jan 2014

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