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August 2019

Onboard dream cruise. Will dock at Penang and Phuket. Excited because the last time it cruised somewhere in msia and I didn’t even get off at all spending the entire 3 nights on the cruise!

Lately I keep wanting to buy a ton of skincare just to pamper my skin. In my teenage yrs my skin was horrible as I had a pimple filled face. Although I had rly tiny ones which many ppl don’t see but having all those bumps on my face whenever I had to wash my face just turns me off. Now that I’m in my 20s my skin is just getting better from raging hormones I feel a strong need to upkeep it and at least do what I can to make my face look bright in the pink of health.

Nooo not looking forward to work tmr after the Long weekends. Serious tues blues mood 😞☹️ On a side note, I’ll be on leave next week for 3 days. Gg for cruise hehe so something to look forward to at least?

My Asus laptop screen was smashed prob a couple yrs ago when the pt Maid cleaning my place dropped it on the floor. Ever since then I can’t use it coz the mercury has leaked all over the screen. I asked S abt 2yrs ago to fix my screen coz well worked in MAC before right. But 2yrs on... No news of my laptop being fixed. Urghh it’s so frustrating when u re asking someone for help yet when u rush them u only get scolded for it? Wtf man...

Badly need a staycay!! Now that I’m back to being employed.. I don’t hve to save money that tightly and cook my own food for every meal . ☺️ But still need to save as I just spent a lot for my UK trip.

Lol. Saw “failed upload”. When I decided to re upload, it’s actually the details of my Europe trip. Have to jot it down coz I’ve a short memory.

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