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Mainly to document milestones of my little one.

February 2019

Looking forward to:Breastfeeding, pumping and losing all those extra weight. Fitting back into old clothes.The smell of a newborn.Not looking forward to:Handling a child and newborn.Irky wet yellowish poop.Milk smell all over.Post-delivery recovery.Postpartum hairloss.and probably more.

At 30wks along, I suddenly felt this really bad heavy stretch at my lower abdomen for 2days. It’s like the bump became or grew too big for the skin to handle suddenly. Somehow it coincidental happened alongside w the move to new place, soit could prob be that I over-exerted myself.It’s not that bad now. (Don’t jinx it) but it was bad enuff previously that I bought a belly band support and paid $14 for 2hr courier delivery. 😪

January 2019

Abt 1+wk ago, I felt this painful groin ache that hurts especially more when I stand up, walk etc. affected me for a good 3-5days then miraculously disappeared. Thankfully. Was so afraid it’s some 3rd tri symptom that’s gonna follow me throughout the rest of the pregnancy.Officially into 30wks and it is starting to feel really real. Like the bump’s definitely obvious and there’s no hiding it anymore. Movement is sooooo frequent. Like every other minute or continuously, especially at night.

Crossed 28wks and it’s supposed to be the start of 3rd tri. Weight gain has hit 10kg..... which was supposed to be my target for this whole pregnancy, just that I have 12 more weeks to go... zzzz. If the weight gain doesn’t chill I may seriously hope to deliver at wk37 just so I can avoid the last stretch surge. 😭Baby is 1.23kg, a little on the higher side given the average weight now should be 1-1.1kg.

This one continues with her Rock&Roll.. so much that every day and night I can feel and see the jabs and jerks. Seriously so much space inside to play with meh.I kinda think my 2nd tri tummy growth wasn’t that much? Today we begin wk28, which somehow is 3rd tri? Not too sure abt this, even for a 2nd timer.I hope my weight gain can chill and not shock me at my next gynae visit. 😰

Just wanna put it down somewhere.My 1st Jan 2019 dream is of JayChou. lol. Dreamt that I was traveling somewhere with him. And even went to some old school music store to buy his old albums together.Funny much.

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