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Om Nom Nom

For too long, this mama here has been worrying that her little one is unable to self-feed. I knew for some time that Emilee knows what a fork and spoon are for but I never let her self-feed during meal times for fear that she takes too long and ends up not full. Well, she proved me wrong when I let her try self-feeding. She managed fine with some help.

February 2017

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The Wheels on the Bus

Even if we just borrowed a couple of new books to read, she still wants her "Wheels on the Bus". Every single night. 😑

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Run Free, Little One

The little can now walk and we've let her have a taste of walking outdoors.It's a bit of a headache buying walker/soled shoes for her as her feet are pretty small (11cm). She still fits size 1 shoes. Most walker shoes start at about 12.5-13cm (size 3).

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NANA = Dao Dao?

My daughter cannot pronounce 香蕉。I laughed at her...bad mummy. Rofl.

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Throwback to the Gong Xi Gong Xi

Throwback to CNY eve. We were happily taking ootd shots.

January 2017

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I Am Truly Disappointed

I am truly disappointed by what I received yesterday. I had bought a chinese costume for Emilee to be worn on the first day of CNY and now it's not going to happen. What was displayed in taobao was a sweet light pink outfit. The actual colour of the outfit when it arrived was a hideous barbie doll pink. OMG. And to think I spent some time searching for an outfit in her size. (My mum and aunt both bought outfits that are a tad too big for her.) Oh well, thank goodness I have back up outfits.

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