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πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ό Day 5 | Journey back to Taipei city

Leaving CingJing. It has been a good outing. Thank you!

#travellingqueks #Taiwan #taipei


We are at the centre of Taiwan!

Another monument to take pic with.


On the way to Sun Moon Lake, stopped by to buy Sun biscuits and 老婆ι₯Όγ€‚Ok, I've done my job with souvenir buying.

So spacious. Free to taste.


It's time to make mooncake!

Sun Moon Lake

Sun Moon Lake (ζ—₯月潭 Sun Moon Lake)

Doing the touristy thing. Taking pics with the monument.

What are we going to do there?

Walk, walk, see, see...



This temple collapsed during the great earthquake in 1999. It remains in this state because this temple is privately owned.

Location: 集集


Our driver wanted the kids to take a train after having lunch at ζœ¨θŒΆζˆΏγ€‚ But the kids fell asleep so we had to forgo the place. A pity.


Hakka flat noodles.

The kids woke up in the middle of the journey and the boy cried. It means hungry! Let's go and have a meal. So we ended up in a random eatery.

Entertainment during the car ride. Very important!

Lavender Cottage

Finally. Travelling from places to places can be really tiring.

I love this place the moment we reached. So kawaii...




The Ohs..



Dan and I



This way to the workshop

The workshop

Signed F up for a craftwork. I think the girl would like to do this.

Work in progress.

And I joined in...

Busy busy...

Need to look for more of such parent-child workshops in Singapore.

She continued...

...while I dried the artwork.



Hello didi! You are 23MO today!

Funny pose

I recommend this place! So picture worthy!



I recommend this place!

From this trip, it makes me know a little bit more about my daughter. All along I know she's chatty and by that I mean, she won't stop talking until she falls asleep. This is known to all who travel with us before. She is also bossy and likes to give instructions. I also know that she can be quite a show-off especially when she's among those younger than her and she could display more kindness and helpfulness to others, as observed by her teachers in school.

I wasn't that happy with her during this trip. I mean I know that that is her personality and that she's at this ego-centric stage. But it's really sad to see her being unkind to her friend at times and many times insisting that she's right and thinking she's better than others. I can't see that humility in her when she's with children younger than her. While she would be meek among those older, I don't see that trait being displayed in this trip.

Need to continually teach her but at the same time, I'm not sure if she could understand what we are trying to tell her. Nvm... just continue teaching and modelling for her.

Dinner for tonight. We reached Taipei City and checked into our airbnb apartment. It's too high-tech an apartment for us! But we love it!

Day 249

Wednesday, 6 Sep 2017

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kelthebelle (avatar)

kelthebelle lovely fam pics, Lynn! hope you guys are having a good time!! 😘

1 year ago

shermyyyy (avatar)

shermyyyy hello, i love your silver luggage! can i check where is it from? TIA and have a lovely time w your family! 😊

1 year ago

loulou (avatar)

loulou Wow may I know how's the car ride from cingjing to Taipei and sun moon lake? I'm worried it might be too long or tedious for the kids

1 year ago

serina (avatar)

serina We went to the same lavender place in March this year too! Nice place!! You did the handicraft at this place too?

1 year ago

candymoshi (avatar)

candymoshi Do u mind sharing the Airbnb in Taipei? I went in Taipei in feb and I struggled to find spacious Airbnb under our budget.

Hope to have more options!

1 year ago

raisingfaith (avatar)

raisingfaith @loulou we broke it up in stages. It's ok from CingJing to sun moon lake. You should continue to break up the journey and not so do a one-off trip back to Taipei city. Can be tiring. So have stops for kids to come out and walk about, eat, do craft, etc before moving on. We reached TP city around 7ish. Note the peak hours too from 4.30pm onwards.

1 year ago

raisingfaith (avatar)

raisingfaith @serina yup we did cos I don't want to just eat and eat and eat. Hahahha.... but mainly because I think F would enjoy the craftwork. πŸ˜€

1 year ago

karenaden (avatar)

karenaden nowadays lesser parents are teaching their kids moral. i dont know why but i feel maybe some think not inportant. its sad to know that, i rem my times we have ε₯½ε…¬ζ°‘ in sch (opps reveal my age) but now they dont have!

1 year ago

raisingfaith (avatar)

raisingfaith @karenaden I also think it's important. I believe many parents know that it is important. But teaching and guiding young ones require a lot of patience and time. Many parents are working so by the time they come home or during weekends, they are tired and I think they would want to spend time playing and having quality and fun time with them rather than teaching them (I think lah and I might be wrong). It really takes a lot of effort on the part of parents. Hopefully we will be mindful and not be relaxed in teaching them morals and the right values! I need to remind myself of that!

1 year ago

joannseng (avatar)

joannseng @raisingfaith do you mind sharing which Airbnb you were staying? Is it kids friendly?

1 year ago

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