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πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ό day 3 | Leofoo Village/ Flying Cow Ranch

Woke up to this sight, with the zebras and lemurs and flamingoes. Awesome!


The sight at Leofoo accommodation.


One with the son

Running, running...

Hug hug...

Family pic

Eh, what are we doing?

Off to feed lemurs!

Crossing the moat

There are a few activities which are free but there are some, like this, that require a fee.

Photo spam


I love this pic a lot. Faith was so keen and excited about feeding the lemurs. The girl who was once afraid of getting close to animals has developed into a more confident person!

Came back to this! Spot didi!

Up close

We enjoyed our stay at Leofoo village. It's hefty, yes, but it provides us with a different kind of travelling experience, for me, at least.

Checked out of Leofoo village at 11am and went to look for good makan places nearby. According to Jack, this is apparently quite famous a restaurant.


Awesome lunch!



On route to our next destination. πŸ˜€

Flying cow ranch

飛牛牧場 FlyingCow Ranch

Here at our next place of fun...hopefully.

First animal we saw was his fav animal.

Today is a day of walking for us all.
Soon after it drizzled, and then stopped, and then it drizzled, and then stopped. Still, it's better than being caught in a storm.

The subject is the water wheel... not the girl ya?πŸ˜‰

Walk and walk and walk and walk. We did a lot of exercise.

Hey cows! Mooooooo...

Feeding the cows...


Goats again..

Rabbits, the gentle creatures.

And we walked on...


It started to rain a little so we decided on a parent-child activity. There are some and they have a schedule but they allowed us to have a cookie making session even though it's past their schedule.

Fruit of her labour. This samseng!

Complimentary malt milk

Cute house.
When the activity was over, the rain stopped and the weather turned for the better. In fact, it's good for a walk!

Having fun shots along the way...

Don't ask me what we were doing...

Time to head out for dinner! First, a 'ride' on this stationary tractor. Didi finally sat on a real tractor!

Meanwhile, the girls had their turn too.

Girls just wanna have fun now...

The hot pot with milk as the soup base. We over ordered. We had another hot pot, not in the pic. I must say, the milk as the soup base is ok, not weird as I imagined it to be.

A nice sunset view to end the day.

Day 246

Sunday, 3 Sep 2017

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Gracefullambs (avatar)

Gracefullambs Dan must enjoy this trip so much! Can see all his fav animals!

1 year ago

kitstuff (avatar)

kitstuff waaaaaaaaaaaa...I wanna visit Taipei too!!!

1 year ago

raisingfaith (avatar)

raisingfaith @gracefullambs I think he enjoyed! This place is awesome!

1 year ago

raisingfaith (avatar)

raisingfaith @kitstuff yea, Taiwan is generally a wonderful place to visit with the kids. Really child-friendly. A lot of parent-child activities and places.

1 year ago

jjmummy (avatar)

jjmummy This looks like a great place for kids. Panning my tw itinerary now, your tw posts is so useful. Thanks arh!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜„

1 year ago

kelthebelle (avatar)

kelthebelle everyone looks like they are enjoying themselves! safe travels and hope you are having a good, good break! 😘

1 year ago

Magjunkie (avatar)

Magjunkie Oh wow! Leofoo looks like it's worth every penny it costs! We would love to check it out! Your holiday is looking very awesome!!

1 year ago

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