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Day 6 | Taipei

Familiar sights... streets of Taipei

#travellingqueks #taiwan

Six years ago at Philadelphia...

Now... two become four at Taipei 101.

View from Taipei 101

Didi, are you going to post anything?

We spent about an hour at the observatory deck. You could purchase the tix at cheaper rate from this link --> https://www.klook.com/activity/1659-taipei-101-taipei/

Ah yo, didi!

Kids just wanna have fun. Today it's gonna be a super relaxed pace and also time to do last minute shopping.

格林屋 Greenwood

The place where kids could have fun while the adults dine.

I'll show you the interior of this restaurant.

Kids dancing... but F was visibly stressed by it. And I had to tell her that she didn't have to dance.

Go and play...

Having fun after lunch.

This girl had fun and she was tired after this.

The boy fell asleep throughout lunch and he missed the fun! Oh well, it's his naptime after all.

The hubs and I took turns to do this...

This is the restaurant. I think this is suitable for younger kids.

Next stop - stationery.
At this point, didi awoke.

And of course, bookshops!
But I only buy the ones which I'm sure will not be carried by book depository or TB. Cos the latter are the more affordable options when it comes to purchasing books.

I love the cute graphics!


Faith was really tired by 5pm. I know she had been trying very hard to stay awake and not be cranky. But in the end, both of us lost our cool. Lol.

We changed our plans and headed back to our apartment, rested a short while before we had dinner. We had wanted to visit the 夜市 but we were also prepared that the kids couldn't make it since they really need to sleep early.

Since having kids, we avoid going out at night both in SG and overseas. We also need our rest, so might as well.

Am actually happy with the trip thus far. I wanted to kids to be near to nature as compared to being in the city area and I guess we have achieved that. Having a driver helps because I know I will be super stressed about looking for public transport with a toddler and a preschooler in tow. To have a stress-free hols, I'd rather pay a bit more. They are still young so we need as fuss-free a trip as possible. Otherwise, I'd rather not go on a hols.

Rough-it-out trips can wait.

I actually didn't plan a lot for this trip because I have a super efficient travelling friend who did a lot of background work. I gave a few suggestions as to where to go and she filled up the details. Good ah! My main focus is that the kids experience the outdoors and nature and then other things can fit in. I'm super slack in planning so credit has to go to DJ and the hubs. I only like to take pics and update on Dayre.

I'd definitely visit Taiwan again. This is my third or fourth trip (can't remember) but my first with kids. So the places we visit would differ. Since I've visited the more popular places in Taipei before, I don't really mind not going this time round. Thankfully, the hubs didn't mind at all; I think he just wants to accompany us for this trip. He's not very fond of Chi-na speaking countries since he thinks he couldn't communicate well. 🤔🤔🙄🙄

The boy who melts my heart

Just now, while walking back from the eatery, I was carrying the boy and my hands ached.

👩🏻 Didi, can you come down and walk? Walk ok?

👦🏻 No!

👩🏻 Why?!

👦🏻 Because... I love you.

I thought I heard wrongly but it was that. And I didn't let go. I just want to hug him more.

When I told the hubs about this, he tsk... 🤣

Day 250

Thursday, 7 Sep 2017

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Atypicalmom (avatar)

Atypicalmom You look exactly the same!

1 year ago

onceuponastar (avatar)

onceuponastar Do visit mr tree station (indoor playground) if you got time.. Hav fun!!

1 year ago

mamamok (avatar)

mamamok @raisingfaith thank you very much for your post! We are heading on our family trip end of the month, and your post couldn't be more timely. Glad you all enjoyed your holiday!

1 year ago

sohwei (avatar)

sohwei The places that you went look so fun for young kids! Please do blog about your trip or share the contacts when you are free. ☺ Would love to bring my girl next June.

1 year ago

marvellousmsvoo (avatar)

marvellousmsvoo haha, the pic of dan and the cow (with your caption) cracked me up! 🤣

1 year ago

daysofourlives (avatar)

daysofourlives Wa how cool is it for the restaurant to have such a big play area for the kids to play while the parents eat in peace!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.. glad you had a fuss free holiday! Holiday should be like this!!! :)

1 year ago

kitstuff (avatar)

kitstuff waaaa..didi is so sweet!! 😍😘 I wouldn't let go too...

1 year ago

illumeunique (avatar)

illumeunique Dan really knows the way to his Mama's heart! ;)

1 year ago

glordian (avatar)

glordian where can I get didi shoe. Very nice

1 year ago

fitinme (avatar)

fitinme Because saying that gets carried. Smart lah ah boy

1 year ago

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