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🇹🇼 Day 4 | Flying Cow Ranch , Taichung, Puli, CingJing

飛牛牧場 FlyingCow Ranch

Rise and shine to a wonderful weather! Lotsa sunshine! We are not taking sunny weather for granted, for sure!

We were rather early. Before 7am and had to roam about before breakfast was ready.

Walk, walk, walk...

Breakfast was simple dishes...

So happy in the company of her friend.

A breathtaking view

Washing her hand with the stream water

And then didi...

Family shot

Hello cows, again.


A bridge out of nowhere. Spot us!

And then, there's the horse...

Horse, horse... and as if horses eat stones, the boy picked up stones and beckoned the horse to eat them.🙄

We adjourned

As we approached them, the goats thought that we had food and came out to greet us.

Ok, we did have some food.

Didi had his turn too.




Took a break. Bubbles time!!

At the playground

Taking a break before going on to our next destination.

A treat to drink cool milk

Farmer for 5 minutes.

Moving on...
My review of Flying Cow Ranch?
I think it's more suitable for younger kids, like preschoolers. It's a nice confined space and generally rather clean. I think a day trip is enough, to be honest. That is, if you reach the ranch early. You could just head back to TaiChung in the evening if you drive.

#travellingqueks #taiwan

Naps are necessary today. More naps, the better.



Apparently a popular food store. Must try.

Braised pork leg 👍

Apparently famous for the bread.

Bread is really soft!!

Look at the queue!

Bread galore!

We went to a paper making place (forget the name). There was a brief explanation of the whole process before we could use the entrance fee for some parent-child activities or to buy some stuff there. I must say it's too cheem for the girl. Not suitable.

Papa and F did the activity together. By now, you should know that I'm the designated photographer ya? 😉

What's that you are making?

Done! The completed fan, using a traditional method of making design on it.

The kids were so bored that they used the fans that they had made to play 'London Bridge' with the boy. Haiz...

We were attracted by some lime juice stall just outside the paper making place. The limes were grown by the owner herself and she proudly shared that her limes were so good, so organic.... and in the end, we bought the drinks from her cos the weather was too hot!

Went to a cultural place where we learnt about the history of Shaoxing wine and other wines.

I hope I got this correctly. Was not paying attention by then.

This shot shows that I'm a fan of this wine. I use it in my cooking!

How wine is stored.

Coolie for 30s.

On the ground floor of this building is a whole area where food stuff was displayed and you can try their samples. It also means you will be tempted to spend. I bought a carton full of instant noodles and some drinks that are meant for relieving cough, indigestion and tiredness.

I think I lack the vocabulary now. Forgive me. Tired le.

18度C巧克力工房 Feeling Eighteen

Pit stop..

Children are craving for it. In case you cannot tell, this is ice-cream hor, not 💩. 🙄

Can get free coffee or oolong tea here but you need to bring your own mug.

A blur pic but we are among the clouds now. Have reached Cing Jing and ready to crash.

But first, dinner. Among our meal was this popular roasted chicken. Forgot to take pic of the other dishes.


Day 247

Monday, 4 Sep 2017

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danielwam (avatar)

danielwam Thank you for all the reviews. Appreciate much as a working mother with toddlers.

1 year ago

shupzy (avatar)

shupzy Are u all stopping by the Lavender Cottage? It has a very nice and big carousel and lavender ice cream!

1 year ago

shupzy (avatar)

shupzy Also Fourth Credit Union at Taichung city has very nice ice cream and waffles!

1 year ago

cornishcay (avatar)

cornishcay did u drive or get a driver? it is nice to have children car seat.

1 year ago

illumeunique (avatar)

illumeunique wah, the bread store must be heaven for F and D! ;)

1 year ago

raisingfaith (avatar)

raisingfaith @shupzy probably not, so said the driver. We are altering our itinerary a wee bit. Gotta see how it goes. 🤔

1 year ago

raisingfaith (avatar)

raisingfaith @cornishcay we hired a driver. It's necessary to have car seat, our driver told us.

1 year ago

raisingfaith (avatar)

raisingfaith @illumeunique no wor. They only go for one kind of bread. The rest, they don't even wanna touch! So not adventurous!

1 year ago

thegalwholovesclouds (avatar)

thegalwholovesclouds wow!! where did you have your roasted chicken? it looks so good!!

1 year ago

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