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BKK Day 1

I’m leaving on a jet plane...
It’s a ladies’ trip and my first time without any kids. Ahhhhhh....

#travellingqueks #bangkok

Such a rare trip. It would be fun! 买东西,吃东西!

First stop, in search of a recommended Thai restaurant.

Baan Peung Chom

Directions: Take a BTS skytrain to Station Ari. Check out the map of the neighbourhood at Station Ari before getting out of the station. Take the stairs down to road level of the shop houses. Walk along the shop houses (pass a bakery shop) and turn left into Soi 7. Soi 7 is lined with street hawkers selling local delicacies and fresh fruits. About 5 minutes into Soil 7, look out for condo....

Spot me.

Hidden gem.

The interior and the restaurant was quickly filled with diners soon after we took our seats.

The amount of food we ate.

After You (อาฟเตอร์ ยู)

After you co.

After You (อาฟเตอร์ ยู)

A popular cafe apparently.

Strawberry cheesecake Kakigori

I need a cappuccino...

EmQuartier (เอ็มควอเทียร์)

It’s shopping time!

Browsing local designers’ creation.


How do we look?

And then we went crazy at a supermarket. Aunties mah...

Food tasting.

Some kind of seaweed....


Dinner at Ping’s

BTS: National Stadium
Directions: Pathumwan Princess Hotel right beside MBK

Recommended by our pilot brother-in-Christ.


Siladon Spa

We were out on the streets the moment we touched down and ended the day with a massage. Wah... shiok!

Finally! We checked into our room. So nice!

Night scene at our hotel.


Day 293

Friday, 20 Oct 2017

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yanzzz (avatar)

yanzzz Enjoy ur long deserved trip!!!

11 months ago

peterrabbit (avatar)

peterrabbit Have a great trip! You deserve this break and me-time!!

11 months ago

growingwiththetans (avatar)

growingwiththetans Wahhhhhhh so nice!!! Enjoy yourself!

11 months ago

daysofourlives (avatar)

daysofourlives Woohoo!! Enjoy and have tons do fun!! 🎉🎉🎉

11 months ago

marthatomary (avatar)

marthatomary enjoy your trip!!!

11 months ago

CallmeMrsTan (avatar)

CallmeMrsTan have fun!!!

11 months ago

kitstuff (avatar)

kitstuff Enjoy!! 😊😊😊

11 months ago

msmin (avatar)

msmin Omg!!! Shioks!!! Enjoy!!!

11 months ago

liverella (avatar)

liverella Wahhhhh have an awesome timeeeeeeee

11 months ago

amelie (avatar)

amelie so happy for u

11 months ago

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