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Creating my own leather notebook!

Riding on the bus now and it's going to take another 45 minutes before we get home. So I'm risking motion sickness to dayre a bit now. 🙊

I'm updating a bit on an event that happened around end Aug. We were invited down to Bynd Artisan at their Jurong outlet for a photo shoot and headed down for a site visit before we set the actual date.

Throughout the entire visit, I was very excited about this collaboration cos Bynd Artisan is an atelier that not only does leather products but also handcrafted products. To see and touch the leather products like namecard holders, journals, notebooks, etc, it's an out of the world feeling cos you really can fully appreciate the human effort that went behind creating them. And we're talking about high quality leather here.

I wasn't asked to write about this place and instead we were just invited down for a photo shoot collaboration but I love this place and concept so much that I decided to share Bynd Artisan with our girls out there. Plus it's not a concept that we come by everyday. 😊

I love the entire design and do-up of the atelier. It feels very luxurious but cozy at the same time.

One good thing about Bynd Artisan is that they are very supportive of the local arts scene and time to time, they'll house some local artist's works with them.

The range of leather products here is really quite big and you also get to do your own customization with notebooks and journals. See that huge wall behind in the background, that is where you get to pick every single detail of your own notebook from the paper to the cover, spines etc.


Seeing all these got me very hyped up cos if there's one thing I love, it's handcrafted products and leather.

All the little details you can add on to your notebook!

Some of the products that they have here!

Files, iPad sleeves and notebook sleeves, etc. 😍

This was one of my other favourite board cos they have up old articles on their founders and history. I think it's amazing how back then when we were young and juvenile, we wouldn't know how to appreciate and cherish our history and heritage but as the years go by and we progress into an urban city, we start to reminisce and learn to hold onto our past and value them.

Local art work here right in the middle of the atelier!

I snapped this article which was on display. I was so caught up in the article that I stood there for a good whole five minutes flipping and reading it while the photo shoot took place. 🙊

Super love how the founder phrased it about raising the ante for stationery and making it sexy cos I felt it too when I look at their products.

Stuff like this you don't see it nowadays cos it takes up too much time and effort to do and complete.

This long table here is where they hold workshops for the public to create their own leather product from scratch.

Our team was invited to join them for a workshop as well! Here you spot our photog and mua too!

The different colours of the leather covers to choose from! I was so torn between black or brown! 😁

Here is where we get to pick what paper goes into our notebook! Different textures and thickness of paper! Can go all colourful too if you want!

@eshuxia picking hers!

I went for a brown leather sleeve and played with different textures for my pages instead of the coloured ones cos I want my notebook to be sleek and classy.

Equipment that we will need to create the notebook.

There's the whole workshop held by their head craftsmen, Mr Cheong who has been with them for so long throughout the years since they started.

We had to fold the papers, align them properly with the cover, clip them to make sure they stay together, which is not an easy feat I tell you. Then we had to punch those holes at the middle in a line down where we will sew the spine together. The holes have to be aligned properly in the middle or you'll have to start over again which was what happened to one of the rest. 😂

Screwing the holes into the stacks of papers isn't easy especially if you chose the thicker papers. Sis had no strength at all that Mr Cheong had to come help her with it. Hahaha! But to be honest, really not easy. All of us had to stand up and exert all our force down to create that one hole.

This is after we sew the threads in at the spine. Had to make sure they are parallel and doesn't twist. Mine doesn't look really that straight here. Oops! 🙊

Making sure that everything is nice and straight.

Selfie here with @eshuxia cos I was sitting next to Mr Cheong who guided me in finishing each step real fast! So this was when he went around helping others!

The folks at Bynd Artisan even prepared a tea break in between with pastries for all the participants of the workshop! The whole team was starving by then cos we were there since 8am! Hahaha! You can also request for coffee and tea which will be prepared by the lovely Aunt Mei Xin who was really friendly and took care of all of us! She was chiding us for not letting her know earlier that we didn't bring food or she could have tabao something for us. Where to find staff like her!!! 😱

In fact everyone at Bynd Artisan was very warm and friendly! From their brand manager, Danhong, Mr Cheong to Mei Xin and also others who we saw that day! It makes you feel really welcomed and at home with them!

Continue with the workshop after the break and here is what I call some stress relief cos we got to hammer the spine flatter. Hahaha!

Cutting the excess paper off to fit the leather cover!

While waiting for my turn! If only I look like this at every shoot! 🙊😊

The last step got everyone very hyped out cos we get to carve our names or initials on our notebooks! Got to hammer in the alphabets!

Sis hard at work cos I made her helped me hammer in my name after cos no matter how I tried, I have no idea why I can't seem to get them in a straight line like everyone else's! 😭😭😭

Mine was like some crooked roller coaster instead going up and down! 😱😓

I did my own crooked name on a strip which I used as a page marker after while sis helped me do the front cover! ✌🏻️

With my very first handmade notebook from scratch! Feels amazing after holding it in my hands! 😍😍😍

Our FM team which was taken by aunt Mei Xin! A little grainy but it's ok cos it's the thought that counts! Hehe!

With everyone else who participated in the workshop!

My end product! I created that ribbon band around my notebook by the way! Hehe!

I'm faced with a new problem now after creating my own leather notebook! I realized that I love it so much that I can't bring myself to start writing in it???? LOL!!!

Thank you Bynd Artisan for hosting our team for the photo shoot and also for giving us the chance to hold a team bonding session there! It's really been a wonderful experience that we all enjoyed!

If you're interested, Bynd Artisan is located at 2 Chin Bee Avenue. Or shop their products at www.byndartisan.com or at Tangs.

If Chin Bee Ave is too far for you, you'll be pleased to know that they've recently opened a second Atelier at Holland Village at 44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-54 or for easier reference, beside Sunday Folks, where they hold workshops too!

In addition, the kind folks at Bynd Artisan have some really fabulous goodies in store for our shoppers this week! We'll not only be giving away some awesome leather products to three of our shoppers this week! We'll also be sending another three to a workshop session courtesy of Bynd Artisan! Best thing of all? You get to bring a friend along!

So do stay tune for what we have lined up for you ladies this week! Follow @byndartisan and @fashmob at Instagram for more news! 😊

All these opportunities presented to us have made us very grateful of the help and support shown to us by our shoppers and working partners! Most of the time, our shoppers are actually the ones who come to us and offer their suggestions and venues for collaborations and photo shoots! Whenever people asked me how did we even think of shooting at a particular place, they'll be super surprised when I tell them that actually our shoppers helped us with it!

I feel very grateful to the roles that these shoppers play in contributing to our shoots in one way or another. It's so hard to think of a new shooting location every week and if we can, we try not to repeat them.

So thank you all really for always keeping a lookout for us and helping us along the way! Big thank you too to @jadekhoo for the help previously!!! 🙆🏼

And if any of you happened to have any ideas or shooting venues/locations that you think we can explore, feel free to drop us an email at contactus@shopfashmob.com! 💋

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