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A part time traveler and a full time Leo.

February 2017

The universe is always speaking to us..sending us little messages. Reminding us to stop and look around, to believe in something else, something more.

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what doing things differently feels like

Good morning! Where did the days go it's February already!Reading back on some post I realized that a lot of them is always about work. It's about my day and my day is always about work 🤔 so i think today i should write about something else haha It's public holiday today! To be honest usually when weekend comes I just want to rest these days. But lately I've been feeling more energetic and restless. I want to do more. I want to do things I've thought of before but have never really tried.

January 2017

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of cny work and other nonsense

CNY work week - very short!So many things to complete in 3 days before I fly home. Anyway work started with clearing to dos today I announced bonuses and incentives to the team it's a good feeling when you see the smiles on their faces.Because there are 24 ppl in my team I decided to allocate max 5min per pax conversations mostly went like this:5min begins.Hi let's make it short. I love their curious faces when they don't know what to expect."Youve done well. Congratulations."

culture resetting

It's a term I've not heard before. Culture resetting.One thing I appreciate a lot is training and development. When you are new in something most of the time you are expected to swim and learn as you go. It's pretty much the same for me now but as the team gets bigger by the month (the marketing team is about 24 pax including me) it's quite tough connect with each individual.So we decided to run a culture resetting exercise where we set team values that we believe and would adhere to.

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jar of life

I'm planning for tomorrow's team meeting. But I had the sudden urge to share this so I don't forget.Some of my colleagues who are ex consultants in BCG shared this with me. The jar of life theory about prioritisation. When I saw the slide I had no clue what it meant because all it said was How would you fill this jar?

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Ok the last point basically means to get shit done, people management is key. Projects are all about its ppl if you manage well things get done.4. There can never be too many SpreadsheetsI have never used or seen so many excel sheets in my life. Period.5. People are going to judge you no matter what. So make it a point to be the bigger person and take the high road. Stay humble but stand up for yourself if it is your value and principle.Easier said than done right? Tell me about it.

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