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Joker Baker

Lazy late breakfast/brunch of the day 😚😚😚 Frozen Grapes 🍇 + Almond Cereals + Milo Cereals, side dish = leftover bread being toasted into bread strips drizzled with my extra condensed milk topped with whipped cream 😗

Have been drinking this for fifth consecutive days including today. Review is gonna be on http://immtherandom-ista.blogspot.com soon. So stay tuned if you wanna know what is the purpose of this drink & do it actually works as its stated functions 😊😊😊

Expectations while I'm in the process of making Pineapple Tarts using the recipe shared by this char bo @regy_lyp 😇😇😇

How would I know the process has turned into the beginning of the great joke....😅😅😅

Home made Pineapple Jam by ME 😚 Used mum newly bought appliance to cook but stupidly set the wrong setting cuz I was experimenting the new toy without knowing that the recipe book of it already have the baby steps stated, so after an hour the jam was still kinda watery & lack in fragrance. That was when I decided to transfer in to the stove to get it done in the traditional method...DOUBLE WORK 😒 instead of one hour I took approximately 2 hours to get it done NO TALENT LO 😭😭😭

The outcome which look more like Tau Shar Pneah more than what it suppose to be aka Pineapple Tarts 😂😂😂 Lucky thing they are not as bad as I thought...still eatable & not say I wanna self praise but it actually tasted quite nice leh despite its shitty irregular shapes & odd sizes LOL 😂😂😂 What do you expect from a person who know nuts about baking & doing this sort of stuff for the first time?? Idk about others but basically yeah...this is my *excellent* baking standard. 😁😁😅😅

Gonna make something I've never did before again...no baking require so I hope I won't be making any ridiculous mistakes again 😞

Lunch at 3 smtg pm while watching The Avengers online 😎 Stopped watching it halfway due to the shitty slow motion effect of the movie 😐 Btw, I wanna watch FROZEN!!!! Any link for me to watch it online without downloading it?

Mild Seafood Flavour Udon Mee 🍝🍤 Actually idk y I actually have lunch as I'm not really hungry but then the craving habit strikes so...had an unhealthy lunch for today 😝

No this is not a pre-loved item sale/ warehouse sale or pasar malam lelong stock but all my hehehe...new & old clothes...fyi this is only 50% & I've no idea I actually own this amount of clothes 😂😂😂 As a result, I used almost 2 hours to clear up & organized this pile of *hit 💩 I think the last time I ever fold so many clothes was when I was working at Padini 😥😧

Found this strip while rummaging throught my closet 😊

I'm delicate, treat me with care

Day 29

Wednesday, 29 Jan 2014

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yiting (avatar)

yiting Look nice!

5 years ago

rachaelimm (avatar)

rachaelimm @yiting u mean my cookies?

5 years ago

yiting (avatar)

yiting I mean the pineapple tart ahaha

5 years ago

rachaelimm (avatar)

rachaelimm @yiting oh haha...but I think it look kinda retard leh...

5 years ago

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