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May 2019

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Why do u try so hard for????

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As always beautiful flowers from Mr J cause its vday in china. Its like this huge θŠ‚ζ—₯ in china. Thank u my dear for spoiling me on all these (even though flowers in china veh cheap only) but still. Hahahahahaha. Its really the effort and i appreciate it so much!!!!!

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i wonder how much more i can give In need of smth more. But whats more to me?

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When your boyf entertains your clingyness.... WHY U LIKE THAT. We will on our wechat call and then listen to each other snore. LOL.Isit cause LDR but still... so clingy.... and hes entertaining me!!!!!Sobs and i really wanna call him. Cause clingy girlf is me. WHATS NEW?????? CRIES and he was saying im sure this is tip of the iceberg. AND HES RIGHT. THIS IS THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG. SO NO. cannot make it into a daily thing. Else..... HURHURHURHUR. I will go haywire if i dont get what i wan

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When ur son damn derpy πŸ˜‚Fucking ccb asshole. On the lease and he suddenly jump/run on to the road and ALMOST ALMOST kenna bang. I WAS FUCKING RAGING WITHIN. CCB

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