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Musings of a 19 year old

December 2018

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Thankful for 2018 because I was very loved by the people around me. I also learnt to stand up for myself, make decisions for myself & fight for the ones I love. I’d like to think I grew a lot from 2017 and am a lot happier and contented now. Thank you 2018, I’ve had more happy memories than sad ones. In 2019, I want to continue to be happy, love harder and hopefully be loved as hard

November 2018

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At town for trng and it’s boring me to tears

October 2018

October:💀 last uni assignment (for the year) (next week)💀 year end concert/ graduation ceremony (next week)💀 last quiz (for the year) (2 weeks later)💀 p......t......c (2 weeks later)November:💀 1st uni exam💀 2nd uni exam 🤩 b!!!!!! k!!!!!! k!!!!!!Meanwhile.......;dying while churning out portfolios

August 2018

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“Nothing worth it comes easy”

July 2018

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This week marks a new milestone for me. It’s been an eye-opening experience that needed some getting used to; new environment, new people, new boundaries etc. But I’ve been managing quite okay (at least for now).

February 2018

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Thankful that out of so many people in this world, I got to meet you and be loved by you. I lucked out & got you. 💖

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