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April 2019

Out of nowhere, beeps decided to call me Mother. Then she wanted me to do something and kept calling me. I was busy in the kitchen and ignored her for a while.It got progressively louder. Mother, MOTHER, MOTHER!!!From the kitchen it sounded like,妈的,妈的!妈的!!!!#beepstalk

March 2019

For a couple of times, beeps said “cheeky anapa” and proceeds to giggle/ laugh. Yesterday she did it again but this time she asked me, mommy, 你生气的时候讲 cheeky anapa 是吗?Then I realised she meant si gina pa 🤣She caught it when I always mutter it under my breath when she annoys me. #beepstalk

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Fridays calls for Indomie hehehe

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I can’t believe that now I like to have this for lunch once a week: Korean ten grain porridge Really is #laorenjia 一个 But at least I cook a side dish to go with it 🌚

Cheeky beeps

Do you know how cheeky this girl is?I peel off the paper of a 莲蓉包, then she gave me a sneaky smile like 😏 and said, pointing to the bottom of the bao where the paper just came off,

Day 3

My poor baby is going through yet another round of separation with family. This is the second time my in laws visited us in the states and beeps is still not taking well to the separation. Last June when we returned to sg for 3 weeks, leaving sg was ok for her. I guess the feeling of being left behind suck more.

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