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This month has been quite productive in terms of wedding planning. Thinking back, last year I was still feeling so stress free and my excuses would always be “wedding next year, still have time.” 😂

But shit is getting real 😱 though I’m a year end BTB, I don’t have the luxury of taking my own sweet time anymore. Half the time I’m gonna be in SGP and the other half in HK.


Also, we met 2 wedding planners in HK and I must say that I was really shocked at the quotation they provided. Is that the market rate in SGP?

Company A(more well known on Instagram lol) quoted us HKD 58,500(SGD 10,263) for full planning styling + day of coordination. (Excl the florals and other decos needed)

Company B(recommended by one vendor) quoted us HKD 32,800(SGD 5,754) for the same services as company A. (Excl the florals and other decos needed)


The amount for having a planner is just.... crazy. But we needed it. Still can’t justify having to pay thousands for a planner sigh. Thus, we are still putting the 2 planners on hold till we have come to a conclusion.

On a side note, happy to share that we have engaged a scent bar for our wedding in HK after much consideration. We both knew we don’t want and don’t need a photo booth, so I was looking for other entertainment that can keep the guests entertained.

This is how a scent bar looks like! Guests will be able to choose 2 diff scents and mixed it tgt into a small perfume bottle. 😍 I was attracted to the set up and glasswares 🙊

So pretty!!

A sample of the bottled perfume. Nearer to date we can send them the design stickers to be pasted on both sides.

And as for our banquet in SGP, same thing, we didn’t want a photo booth and I opted for a flower bar. Just wanted to share, I found this flower bar package on FB’s Budget brides some time back.

They are a new start up and the packages are really attractive. (I compared with the other flower bar company and the quote is almost 2xs more exp and choices of flowers were not as many too)

We are the very first couple that engaged their service and I feel so happy to be able to help them kickstart their new biz 😛

I have 100% trust in them and I’m sure they will put in their best effort for my night!

An example of a flower bar set up.

Nearer to date we can discuss the theme and they will try to set it up accordingly to our theme. 😍

We have also engaged Sparkle live music for sgp’s side. Initially I wanted Ke Wei and Alfred to emcee and sing on our night but their rate is too high 😱 On the other hand, Husb prefers Ke Xin more haha.

So, Ke Xin it is! We opted the Gala package with keyboardist + guitarist + percussionist and Ke Xin will double up as an emcee. 🥳

On a side note, can anyone recommend me shops in sgp or any online website(other than Taobao) with bridesmaid dress of different sizes? I have a plus sized bridesmaid and most of the local online store doesn’t carry her size. Thanks!!

Day 21

Monday, 21 Jan 2019

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theklutzycrafter (avatar)

theklutzycrafter Do you wanna try ASOS?

3 months ago

sfeiw (avatar)

sfeiw Not sure if you tried doublewoot but you may give it a go cuz I know they have L or XL dresses. Good luck! 💕💕

3 months ago

athz_ (avatar)

athz_ Hi babe! Do you mind sharing the name of the flower bar vendor and the price you engaged them at? :) You can telegram me at @/annettethz if you’d prefer not to say it here :) Thank you so much!!

3 months ago

joannak (avatar)

joannak Babe do you mind sharing the vendor you're engaging with for floral bar? Am keen too!!

3 months ago

qiuxiaaa (avatar)

qiuxiaaa @theklutzycrafter sounds good! Will have a look later :)

@sfeiw XL might not fit still :( thanks for the help anw heh!

@athz_ Dropped u a msg on tele!

@joannak do u have telegram?

3 months ago

beccagms (avatar)

beccagms @qiuxiaaa hello! I'll like to know your flower bar vendor. My telegram is beccagms. Thanks!!

3 months ago

joannak (avatar)

joannak Thanks dear @joannaksh is my handle on tele!

3 months ago

hoolalong (avatar)

hoolalong hello! do know mind pm-ing me on telegram @hoolalong for the flower bar vendor too? thank you! :)

3 months ago

jinglebella (avatar)

jinglebella hello @qiuxiaaa i would like to know the floral bar too!!! thank you.

my telegram handle is ariellexoxo!
thank you :)

3 months ago

sealtan (avatar)

sealtan Hi @qiuxiaaa, I would like to find out more about the flower bar toooo!! :) my tele handle is silviatan. Thank you :)

3 months ago

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