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Lol @ aunty giving me death glare in train. I AIN'T giving my seat to u if u look at me like that.

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!!!help!!! what singapore foods would a French man be able to appreciate? my supervisor is coming down next weekend and he is the biggest food snob ever. on hindsight perhaps I should have asked him for a drink instead of a meal but now I remember he is ALSO the biggest alcohol snob. he eats a salad every damn day for lunch and his favourite korean food is freaking naengmyeon. once I went to a Chinese restaurant and his fav dish there was cold spinach/century egg with vinegar

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cmb right love it I want to set this as my fb cover pic alr

can't sleep (what??!) so I thought I should write about what went down today. last Wednesday, I applied for an internship on impulse because I felt like I needed to do something different in my life. to give some bg on where I applied to - it has nothing to do with science or genes and it's a start-up most people have heard of (esp on dayre). Today was the interview.

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OUCH at this and at Kevin Mulia's comment...

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