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July 2019

When you have nothing good to say, just shut the fuck up.Thank you

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Sometimes there are friends whom you can’t travel with.Anyway, Batam was good.The massage was good.Food was good.Coffee was good too.

I am having that urge to buy facial products man.I see mask or serum or moisturiser liao, I wanna buy.Wah kao.The facial products I have can last me for weeks sia or even months!Maybe I can start to buy mask?! Lol.I am doing mask everyday! This is something that I am doing diligently.Lol. Anything for my face.Hahaha.Oh yeah, I guess I put on weight liao and I need to start exercise.BUT

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I wish I could do this now.

I am toying of the idea about attending bible study. I am not sure.The commitment is twice a month on Friday.I doubt husband will not allow cos’ it is taking up part of our time. However I want to make my time useful and learn more on GOD. Listening to sermons and reading bible or devotional help. I don’t know.

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